By Bob Brainerd Special to Published Sep 30, 2006 at 8:23 AM

Why did the Bucks wait so long to unveil their new uniforms?  They are shiny, bright and  bold with a nod to the past.  And I haven’t seen any merchandise on the local store shelves either.  Kids would have been walking billboards for this stuff all summer long had it been available.

Why do the Brewers blame Butch Wynegar and Dave Nelson for their troubles in 2006?  I know that "This is baseball" and all, but when you rely on so many young players, subtract your best one, and lose a bunch of them to injury, there isn’t much to work with.

Why does Bret Bielema always wear that red, no-waist jacket?  Even on the warm days as a coach last season, Bret would be sporting that windbreaker.  What’s underneath?  How about a polo shirt or a fleece sometime, coach?  And for that matter, why was Mike McCarthy all bundled up with a jacket INDOORS at Ford Field in Detroit last weekend?  Someone turn up the heat ... the coaches are chilled!

Why do baseball teams who clinch playoff berths celebrate with champagne soaked displays?  Shouldn’t the deal be, when you earn either the wild card OR the division title, then you can crazy-go-nuts?  Are we going to see this all over again by from the Twins and Tigers when they figure out their place in the playoffs?

Why must NBC Sports try to reinvent the wheel on its "Sunday Night Football" pregame show?  Here’s what every pigskin fan wants before watching one last game on Sunday... highlights!  Copy what Chris Berman and company did at ESPN for years and the fans will flip, sit back and enjoy.  Less
junk," more pictures please!

Why are local TV stations still leading with the Pack?  This is an average to bad football team obviously in the rebuilding stage, and it doesn’t deserve to be at the top of the heap ... even on a Sunday.  I am well aware that the Packers pack them in with ratings numbers, but it would be refreshing to see a few news operations truly lead ... with news.  It’s always awkward when a meaningless Packers story precedes local soldiers killed in action.

Why do we care if T.O. decides to off himself?  Is this guy getting tips on how to garner media attention from Dennis Rodman?  Remember when The Worm went to extremes to get the focus on himself?  Don’t put it past this clown to have this whole thing engineered to be bigger than it is.

Why must we wait a year to get the Marquette-UWM basketball series up and running?  Too bad it got hung up in channels, but at least the two sides got the deal done.  It’ll be great for hoops fans downtown.  Now Tom Crean needs to work on having former assistant coach Tod Kowalczyk bring his UW-Green Bay Phoenix in once a season.

Why would anyone pay to see 40-year-old Mike Tyson step into the ring again?  And he says he needs the money?  Makes you wonder what the "baddest man on the planet" squandered it all on, doesn’t it?  Probably bail money and attorney fees ... for starters.

Why do certain TV sportscasters insist on strolling the sidelines where the players and coaches stand during high school football games?  There’s a box around these guys for a reason, and while the videographers will occasionally slip in and out to grab a quick shot from a better angle, there is absolutely no reason to see a reporter standing toe to toe, side by side with the head coach.  The teams’ space is not your space!  Get out, or get a headset on and help call plays!
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