By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 10, 2021 at 10:21 AM Photography: Twitter/MLB

As it turns out, it's hard to win baseball games with no runs. Unfortunately, the big bat of Rowdy Tellez wasn't there to save the day on Saturday night – or anyone's bat for that matter – as the Brewers were silenced by the Braves, 3-0, sending the NLDS off to Atlanta with a tied series. 

The Crew were short on runs, but they weren't short on chances to change that as Milwaukee brought the tying run to the plate in each of the final three innings. Sadly, unlike in Game 1, the Brewers just couldn't get that clutch hit to tie up the Braves – or even just put a scare into their dominant pitching performance, resulting in a Milwaukee shutout, a trip to Georgia without the home field advantage they started the series with and a nervous fanbase wondering if the stagnant offense that began the Brewers' season is making a poorly timed return. 

Hopefully some Southern comfort will help loosen up the Brewers' bats – but before then, let's take one final look back at Game 2 against the Braves, find out what went wrong and hopefully find a few more hits for Game 3.

1. Blue skies for a blue game

After controversially keeping the roof closed during Game 1, American Family Field decided to crack the lid open for the second game. While the view of the unseasonably warm October sky was gorgeous, considering the results on the scoreboard were significantly less so, maybe we lock that thing back up if we return for a Game 5. 

2. Ayyyy!

It wouldn't be a nationally televised Milwaukee sports game without a shot of the Bronze Fonz – at least in this case decked out in his first TBS postseason gear. (What, no cheesehead?) 

3. Love the glovework

While the Brewers' offense is currently an ugly sight, at least their defense is pretty as Willy Adames made this impressive snag in foul territory during the first inning. Now if only they could flash some offense to go with flashing the leather.

4. A game of inches

The good news: The Braves' Ozzie Albies fell two inches away from a two-run homer against Brandon Woodruff thanks to an assist from the right field wall's padding. The bad news: The overdramatic double still scored Freddie Freeman, giving the Braves a 2-0 lead that was double what would be necessary to beat the Brewers' sleepy offense. 

5. Fried fries the Crew

The current Milwaukee offense could turn just about anybody into an ace at this point – but Braves starter Max Fried looked very much the part on Saturday, punching out nine Brewers with no walks and just three hits. And on the rare occasion he got into something resembling trouble, he had the right pitches to turn Milwaukee into some rusty gates in the batter's box.

6. Support this man

The unluckiest man during the regular season didn't see his luck change in the playoffs. Brewers Game 2 starter Brandon Woodruff got the least amount of run support over the course of 2021 – and on Saturday, Milwaukee continued to leave him to fend for himself. Woodruff wasn't perfect – three runs on five hits over six innings – but he shouldn't have to be utterly perfect to earn a win. 

7. Strike four

As noted, the Brewers had plenty of chances late to tie up the game or at least make the Braves sweat – including in the seventh inning when Milwaukee got two men on base and Tyrone Taylor even got a bonus strike courtesy of the home plate umpire. Unfortunately, it was squandered – along with the similarly golden opportunities that followed in the next two innings. 

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