By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 06, 2020 at 8:46 PM

Last Thursday, the Brewers gave fans a chance to sit in the crowd – at least in photo-realistic cutout form – this COVID-afflicted season. And unsurprisingly, the fans showed up, buying up the initial "Cutout Crew" opportunities in 90 minutes. But don't worry if you swung and missed at that first pitch, because the Brewers are giving you another at bat, putting another round of cutouts on sale on Tuesday morning. 

The "Cutout Crew" – two-foot cutout likenesses created from submitted photos serving as a virtual crowd, sitting next to Bob Uecker's famed "Last Row" statue in and around Section 422 at the top of the Miller Park seating – will go on sale once again starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7 at the Brewers' website. Each cutout costs $50, with a portion of the proceeds going toward the Brewers Community Foundation.

The cutout will then sit with Uecker throughout 2020 home games and hopefully make their way onto the FOX Sports Wisconsin broadcasts, so you can see yourself "cheering on" the Crew from the Uecker Seats inside Miller Park. Hey, it's a pandemic; we take what fun and happiness we can get.

Again, to save a seat for your Crew-cheering cutout crowd member, head over to the Brewers' website starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. – plus check the site out for tips on how to take the best possible photo for your fake fan. But remember: It's first come, first served, and they already sold out once before. So get there early – and we'll see you (kind of) at the ballpark! 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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