By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 05, 2021 at 1:31 PM

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One would think that a team called the Brewers, playing in a city nicknamed Brew City and in a stadium until recently named after a brewery, would be a shoe-in to win a survey about which baseball fans drink the most. Well here's the first surprising L of the season: Apparently not!

In a recent survey conducted by the very legit-sounding NJ Online Gambling, the Brewers finished at an alarming tenth place in Major League Baseball when it comes to baseball fans who drink the most. According to the site's polling, Brewers fans – along with fans of the Orioles, Tigers, Twins and Mets – gulp down an average of 3.5 drinks per game. Thankfully that's at least more than the Cubs and Cardinals, who finished in 14th and 26th, respectively, but it's behind the apparent chugging champion: the Chicago White Sox, whose fans knock back an average of 4.2 drinks per game. The Phillies meanwhile apparently have the driest fans with only 2.4 drinks per game on average. 

If you're like me, you're thinking these numbers seem about as trustworthy as the Houston Astros, so let's check the methodology to this MLB malt madness.

The site surveyed 2,631 MLB fans of legal drinking age or older about how much they typically drink during a baseball game and I have some notes. Considering the numbers are self-reported, it sure feels more like people guessing (or maybe withholding) their true drink intake as opposed to a varified and quantifiable valuation. And did each team have an equal number of representatives in the survey group? And what about the word "during" in the question? Would that disqualify drinking at a tailgate? Because that knocks a solid six-pack off Milwaukee's average results then. 

The Brewers performed significantly better on the survey's other questions – like which team has the biggest pregamers, with tailgate-happy Milwaukee unsurprisingly landing fifth on the list with 63 percent of fans likely to drink before first pitch. The Toronto Blue Jays finished in first with 70 percent;  and I'm very sad to report the Cardinals landed in second with 68 percent. Meanwhile, going from drinks to dollars, the Brewers landed in ninth on average money spent on alcohol with $35. The Mets scored the top spot there with $53 while the Cubs landed in fourth with a still-hefty $45 – a sum surprisingly only to people who've never tried buying a beer in and around Wrigley Field.

And in equally un-shocking news, Brewers fans can apparently hold their liquor as they didn't finish amongst the top reported 12 lightweight fan bases, which included the Cubs at nine. I wouldn't celebrate too much, again, since the results are fairly dubious. After all, they can't even spell "Miami" right:

That's not how you spell Miami.X

Trustworthy or no, it's some amusing pregame entertainment before the actual on-field competition – complete with fans – starts back up. So cheers to the baseball's return, to a successful Brewers season on the diamond – and to proving this survey wrong off it when the 2021 season tosses out its first pitch on April 1

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