By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 19, 2018 at 11:56 AM

Cancel the World Series and refund your season tickets. Spring Training may still be underway, and not a single team has yet to play a meaningful game in 2018, but the Milwaukee Brewers have already claimed the title of the best team in professional baseball. 

On Sunday, to celebrate both the 25th anniversary of "The Sandlot" and some downtime during their Spring Training schedule out in Maryvale, a bunch of Brewers hit the diamond and did their best impression of the sports movie classic – complete with "The Beast." The results are almost as good as the original movie.

Update 3/20/2017 at 4:48pm: The video was reposted in a new tweet.

Begin the Oscar campaigning now!

For Your Consideration: Stephen Vogt, who clearly has a second career as an actor waiting for him after baseball, doing a terrific variation of Ham Porter – including hitting the hell out of that heater.

For Your Consideration: Best Costume Design for picking out that Milwaukee Bears Negro Leagues hat for Jeremy Jeffress, perfectly matched with Kenny DeNunez's Kansas City Monarchs. (That's commitment to the craft!)

For Your Consideration: Jett Bandy and Chase Anderson for Best Unexpected Comedy Duo. (Not an actual Oscar category – don't care!) And points to Eric Sogard for being exactly as delightful as you'd hope he'd be as Squints. 

I'll admit that I've been nervous about getting too excited for this upcoming Brewers season – maybe it's just the pessimistic Milwaukee sports fan in me expecting the worst – but this fun viral video, more so than any Spring Training results or highlights, has got me raring to root for the Crew in 2018 (and begin a Kickstarter campaign for the team to recreate the entire movie). 

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