By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Jul 14, 2019 at 12:09 PM

This story originally ran in 2016, but continues to be every bit as true today! 

One of my new-found favorite ways to burn time is to sit on the Riverwalk and watch people photograph themselves with the Bronze Fonz. Particularly on a sunny afternoon, it’s pretty incredible how many folks stop for a selfie or to snap a shot of their pal with America’s favorite shark jumper.

I have made a few mental notes about all of these Bronze Fonz photo takers and posers.

Many of the people who stop for a Fonzie pic spontaneously do so, but others travel to his side with great intention. Also, while being photographed with the Fonz, many people feel compelled to put their thumbs up in Fonzarelli solidarity, whereas others throw their arm around him like he’s an old college bro or stand awkwardly next to him like they might with an in-the-flesh celeb. 

Me? I once tried to interview him, but it was a really boring interview so I stopped. And then there’s my friend Monica who has a salacious photo of herself and the statue, but that’s more of an only-with-cocktails conversation.

Anyway, here are six of my most recent photos of people taking photos of the Bronze Fonz.

 1. A proud mom-and-dad moment

2. A self-arelli

3. The Fonz: still a chick magnet

4. The Fonz holds hands (thumbs) with Batman

5. Oh, happy days

6. Fonz hasn't seen this much action since he snuck Pinky Tuscadero into "his office" 

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