By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 07, 2019 at 10:26 AM

Somehow I don't think the pace was the problem as the Bucks took Game 4 from the Boston Celtics in their own backyard.

The game was tight for a half, going back and forth, until once again Milwaukee came out hard in the third quarter and made the game a cool, calm breeze to the finish.

Now, the Bucks head back home for a chance to win the series and earn a place in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2001 on Wednesday night.

But before then, let's reminiscence about last night's victory with a few of the best photos and videos from Game 4.

1. Playoffs mean Pizza Planet

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I was not expecting Brook Lopez to be the most fashionable member of the Bucks squad this postseason, but between his Fresno Tacos jersey for Game 1 (again, a real uniform worn by a real team) and this Pizza Planet hat he's rocked for the past few games, he's easily the fashionista to beat. Send this man to the Met Gala!

2. Sound the mean mug alarm!

When you see a Giannis mean mug, you can just call it a game right there – especially when it comes attached to an MVP-worthy 39 points, 16 rebounds and four assists. 

3. Bench mob

Things weren't trending in the right direction for the Bucks in the third quarter. The game was tied, 59-59, and Giannis was heading to the bench after picking up his fourth foul. Benches normally play better at home than on the road, but during Game 4, George Hill, Pat Connaughton, Sterling Brown and Ersan Ilyasova played like Bean City was Brew City, helping turn a tight contest into a ten-point lead that the Bucks would never give back. This may be Giannis's team, but it's also an actual team. 

4. Playoff Pat

The Boston Celtics weren't likely concerned about facing Pat Connaughton this series. They should've been. After a strong Game 3 performance, Connaughton added nine points, 10 rebounds and a game high plus/minus of 22.

5. I think this Bucks thing is catching on

Now imagine how crazy it'll be on Wednesday for Game 5. 

6. And now for a considerably less happy fan

Brook Lopez: good at fashion, even better at breaking Bostonians' hearts.

7. Adding the exclamation point

For those dubious of Giannis's ability to close out games, the Greek Freak put in 17 points and seven rebounds in the fourth quarter, icing a game that threatened to get close but never did. If Greek Freak wasn't already a perfect nickname, I'd say "The Human Exclamation Point" would make a good one for Giannis. 

8. That smarts

Giannis would go on to be very complementary toward Marcus Smart, the injured Celtics player who came back during Game 4 and energized Boston for a brief moment. But why let the truth get in the way of a hilariously savage shading?

9. The best bad news

Honestly, this is the most frightening thing that's happened to the Bucks this postseason. Yeah, it's nice to see a national name jump on the bandwagon, but as history can point out, the only thing worse than Barkley's predictions are his golf swings. Hopefully the Bucks can fight through this setback. 

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