By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 02, 2023 at 4:56 PM

Today the Bucks confirmed what the internet leaked last month: They're feeling blue again this season, as the team officially revealed their new City Edition uniforms for the 2023-24 slate. 

Once again, the Bucks are going to the blue well for this year's alternate jerseys – albeit with a far different design than the past editions from 2020-21 (the wavy watery look from the championship season) and last season's Patchwork/"Irish rainbow" design. Instead, this year, the Great Lakes-inspired blue uniform comes highlighted with a streak of cream color designed to resemble the Fiserv Forum roof's curve, running across the chest and down its side.

The jersey also comes accented with a bright mint green color around the sleeves and neck as well as striped on the bottom of the shorts, meant to represent "the electric atmosphere that Bucks fans bring to Fiserv Forum every game." 

Bucks City Edition jerseysX

Perhaps the most eye-catching (and perhaps confusing) feature of the new look, however, is the splattered texture across the entire uniform. When the jerseys first leaked, it was assumed the splashy texture was in tribute to Lake Michigan and Milwaukee's rivers – but it turns out it's an "abstract speckle pattern" meant to visually represent the crowd outside Fiserv Forum for Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals. I'll let you decide if that comes across or not. 

Bucks City Edition jerseyX

With the official reveal of the blue splattered and swooping City Edition, the Bucks have four looks for the current season along with their classic white Association Edition home jerseys, their green Icon Edition road uniforms and their black "Fear The Deer" Statement Edition alternates. The purple Classic Edition throwbacks appear to have been tucked back in the past, as neither the Bucks official website nor NBA's LockerVision includes the retro look anymore. 

Bucks 2023-24 uniformsX

Now with a clearer look at the new uniforms, I stand by my statement: They look pretty good! I don't entirely vibe with the Jackson Pollock tribute to Bucks fans; it feels more like Nike had some extra speckled fabric to burn and found an excuse to use it. But the swooping design brings some eye-catching movement to the jersey, and the blue color – along with the mint green – both fits into the team's overall color scheme (loosely, I admit) while simultaneously popping and bringing some unique creativity to the team's locker of looks. Plus, it's one of the rare City Edition uniforms this season that contains some actual color and doesn't look like a unlicensed knockoff. 

City Edition uniforms for 2023-24X

Fans won't have to wait long to see the new Bucks look, as Milwaukee will wear the City Edition uniforms for the first time at Friday night's home game (and in-season tournament game) against the New York Knicks. The team will wear the jerseys six more times throughout the 2023-24 season: on Friday, Nov. 24 at home against the Washington Wizards, as well as during five more games against the Bucks' 2021 postseason opponents. And I hope you like the look, because for those games, the team will have a coordinating alternate home court design to match the uniforms. 

Bucks alternate courtX

The uniforms and the corresponding City Edition retail collection are available at the Bucks' website as well as in person at the Bucks Pro Shop at Fiserv Forum. 

And as for the actual team wearing the jerseys, the Milwaukee Bucks are currently 2-2 to start the new season, freshly smarting off a 130-111 road loss to the Toronto Raptors. But hey, it's a long season – and they weren't the top seed the year they won the Finals anyways. They did, however, wear a blue alternate with an odd texture to it. Seems like a positive omen to me! 

Anyways, for more Bucks info and updates, click here – and stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more. 

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