By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 30, 2021 at 8:51 AM

Pain pain pain, pain pain pain pain pain. Pain, pain, pain pain pain pain pained pain pain, 110-88, pain pain pain pain pain. 

Pain pain pain excruciating pain. Pain pain pain pain pain, pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain, pain punch in the soul pain pain pain.

Pain pain pain? Pain pain. Very pain pain.

And that's all you really need to know about the Bucks game last night, but in case you want more, here are some key images from Milwaukee's truly, deeply devastating Game 4 loss. And also a cute puppy, because we need it right now.

1. Remembering laughing?

What an enjoyable moment, as Charles Barkley recommends the Hawks start Jeff Teague – famously a Milwaukee Buck – in place of the injured Trae Young. And this was the last time I would feel joy Tuesday night!

2. A beautiful moment on an ugly night

What a beautiful image that I will never ever want to hear the context of ever again! The words "Game 4 2021 Eastern Conference Finals" are now profanity in Wisconsin.

3. Quite the show

The Trae-less Hawks put on quite the performance in Game 4. No, not on the court – though they did once again break out to an early lead that they would never relinquish – but off the court where Atlanta rap icon Big Boi performed mid-game. Certainly a better choice than "Knuck If You Buck," which is likely banned from the State Farm Arena now.

4. Hope?

Not lost but definitely muted in the aftermath of the Giannis injury is that the Bucks played like absolute butt last night. Handed a gift from the basketball gods, the Bucks responded with apathy, arrogance and a 13-point halftime deficit. Once again, their shooting was a temperature so low scientists don't have a measurement for its frigidness, and they were getting out-hustled and outworked. And so, the basketball gods took their gift back – and so much more. 

5. Look away, Bucks fans ... and anyone with knees

I hate everything. Joy was a mistake.

Anyways, the official diagnosis isn't in yet, so there's a chance – A CHANCE! – that fate has granted the Bucks a break and this isn't the blown ACL it appears to be. But even if it is just a very ugly hyperextension, I highly doubt we see Giannis back on the court for the rest of the postseason, much less this Hawks series. 

6. Dead district

Deer District has been such an image of hope and joy over the past several weeks, and now here it is, stunned into silent depression and defeat. Milwaukee sports will always find fun and exotic new ways to catapault you into sadness. 

7. That kind of night

I would argue this was the moment the Bucks knew it wasn't their night ... if, you know, their two-time MVP/franchise lynchpin wasn't also struck down that very night. That was a pretty big clue things weren't going Milwaukee's way, I'd say. 

8. Something to cling to

As terrible as Giannis' injury looked, he was eventually able to walk under his own power – and even come back out to the bench to possibly give his teammates some extra charge and hope. It didn't work – they still lost handily by 22 points – and, according to some internet doctors, people can still walk briefly after an ACL injury. But it's something? Maybe it's something? This is Milwaukee sports; it's almost certainly nothing. BUT MAYBE ...

9. Here, have a puppy

Game 5 returns to Milwaukee on Thursday night. Perhaps now with their backs truly against the wall, Middleton, Holiday and the rest of the Bucks will play up to their competition, and they – like so many other teams have had to this injury-decimated playoffs – will rise to the occasion. And maybe the Giannis injury truly isn't as brutal as it looked. 

But I'd recommend bookmarking the WeRateDogs Twitter feed, because I have a feeling we're going to need soul-lifting cuteness – A LOT of it. 

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