By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 01, 2018 at 2:26 PM

The Bucks are not only the best team currently in basketball, standing alone and undefeated at 7-0 at the top of the standings. They're also one of the best-looking teams in the NBA thanks to their full-scale uniform and logo reboot in 2015. It's a clean, modern look with good unique colors and a nifty design. 

And then there's this supposed new jersey, leaked online this week:

Oh boy. Wow. Well, that is ... a choice.

According to sports logo expert Chris Creamer, who posted the leak Wednesday, this, uh, colorful new jersey will be the Bucks' new "city" uniform, replacing last year's cream-colored look. And not that I was in love with that look – seemed more like a soccer kit, with the horizontal stripe and number placement, than a professional basketball jersey – this ... is not an improvement, if it is indeed the final product. (Creamer reports the uniform was confirmed to him as legitimate.)

The idea of turning the beloved MECCA Bucks court into a jersey is, in fairness, a pretty inspired one and, done right, it could be a great update of an old classic. But the key words there are "done right" – and this is not done right. Frankly, even if you're familiar with the MECCA design, it takes a few looks and way too much thought to realize what this clunky collage is supposed to be. It's a snapshot of the corner of the lane, but zoomed in and removed from the context of the rest of the court, it kind of just looks like some bland stained glass. 

Another creative designer took a shot at a MECCA Milwaukee uniform and came up with this:

It's a little busy for my tastes (probably doomed to be if you're taking on the gloriously gaudy MECCA design), but at least it looks recognizably like the famed floor. The actual reported look, on the other hand, just looks some modern art gone astray. And, oddly enough, for all the weirdness, it's kind of tame and boring; if you're going to jersey-fy the MECCA, go all in!

There's no official confirmation from the team that these are the new jerseys (still time to fix them then!) which also means there's no confirmation on how many times the Bucks will bust them out this season. But last season, they wore their cream look 13 times throughout the year, so expect to see these MECCA monstrosities a decent amount.

Maybe I'll warm up to them over time or they'll look better on the court. I doubt it – but then again, winning makes anything look good. 

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