By Press Release Submitted to Published Sep 26, 2017 at 2:55 PM Photography: Bobby Tanzilo

The 2018 City budget calls for a reduction of five MFD heavy apparatus. The Firefighting Deputy Chiefs, under the supervision of the Operations Assistant Chief, performed a review of fire station locations and resource placements. This review resulted in this 2018 plan, which retains optimal emergency response times city-wide.

The Firefighting Deputy Chiefs’ extensive experience, along with Deccan software, was utilized to provide Incident Scores (Historical Data) and Coverage Scores (Geographic Distribution) for necessary data analysis to allow for appropriate decision-making within operational realities. Further, structural aspects of the firehouses were reviewed; some in need of significant and expensive work to make the floors structurally sound and able to hold modern apparatus.

It is to be noted that these reductions in fire stations and apparatus/ companies will not result in any layoffs, or any firefighters losing their jobs; the department runs with enough personnel vacancies to absorb these losses of fire apparatus/companies.

After exhaustive data analysis, the following apparatus/companies and fire stations will be closed, decommissioned (taken out of service), or recommissioned (placed back in service).

The following six fire stations will be closed:

  • Fire Station 3, 100 W. Virginia St., will be utilized by MFD Construction and Maintenance
  • Fire Station 5, 1313 W. Reservoir Ave., will be utilized as the MFD Wellness Center
  • Fire Station 6, 1693 N. Franklin Pl., will be utilized as the MFD Community Relations and Education Office
  • Fire Station 25, 300 S. 84th St.
  • Fire Station 28, 424 N. 30th St.
  • Fire Station 31, 2400 S. 8th St.

The following four engine companies will be decommissioned:

  • Engine Company 6, 1693 N. Franklin Pl.
  • Engine Company 25, 300 S. 84th St.
  • Engine Company 28, 424 N. 30th St.
  • Engine Company 31, 2400 S. 8th St.

The following four truck companies will be decommissioned:

  • Truck Company 6, 2526 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
  • Truck Company 12, 2903 N. Teutonia Ave.
  • Truck Company 15, 5335 N. Teutonia Ave.
  • Truck Company 17, 5600 W. Oklahoma Ave.

The following three engine companies will be recommissioned:

  • Engine Company 11, 2526 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
  • Engine Company 35, 100 N. 64th St.
  • Engine Company 37, 5335 N. Teutonia Ave.