By Carolynn Buser Chief Content Officer Published Sep 15, 2014 at 6:03 PM

Even though I'm not a huge beer drinker, I would still hate to see Miller-Coors leave Milwaukee. How dare St. Louis brewer Anheuser-Busch try to purchase a brand that is distinctly Milwaukee? 

This slightly snarky office conversation of course led to the following question: What would Milwaukee want from St. Louis in return?

So, here are five things we will gladly take in return from the fine folks in St. Louis:

1. The Gateway Arch

I really don't need to explain this, right? The arch, designed by Eero Saarinen (who also designed Milwaukee's War Memorial Center), is a symbol – a very beautiful one at that – of St. Louis. Our lakefront is gorgeous already, but the Gateway Arch would be a great addition, don't you think? It'd certainly be an upgrade from The Calling. 

2. City Museum 

Many have said St. Louis's City Museum is indescribable and unlike anything you've ever seen in your life. The museum / theme park / aquarium keeps on getting better when you visit – so let's add it to our collection of amazing museums! 

3. Fried ravioli 


St. Louis invented this specialty fried ravioli that is now a pretty common restaurant staple. However, we'll gladly take the rights to inventing it (along with the city's best recipes), right? It seems only fair.

4. 1982 World Series ring


You know what they say: If you can't beat them, wait several decades until they want to take a beloved beer company away from you and force them to trade their championship title in response. I may have taken some liberties with that quote. 

Of course, I wouldn't trade the Milwaukee Brewers (win or lose) for anything, but ... that 1982 World Series ring sure would be nice to have. I mean, if we had to take it ... 

5. Provel


Wisconsin is the Dairy State. Land of cheese. Purveyors of delicious milk. So, it makes tons of sense to put Provel -- invented here anyway -- on our list. The pasteurized process cheddar, Swiss and provolone cheese could be worthy to add to our cheese arsenal. 

Carolynn Buser Chief Content Officer

Carolynn Buser is one of Milwaukee's loudest and most adamant cheerleaders (don't dare try to disagree). She's the primary voice behind much of OnMilwaukee's social media and content direction, and apologizes in advance if she can be too sarcastic at times. 

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All in all, Carolynn's a believer in positive thinking and will do her best to smack down your negative ones while writing about her city, her loves, quests and more.