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While growing up, my dad used to brag to his friends that he was ahead of the technology curve. He used to say, "I have a remote for my TV" and then he’d point at me.

His little joke hit home when I read last week that CBS has struck a deal with to purchase 50 percent of TVGN, which used to be known as the TV Guide Network.

In the Sunday paper and on a rack next to the check out at the grocery store is where we would go to find information on what was going to be on television. Now, we either go online or click a button on the remote control to access an interactive programming guide from our cable or satellite provider.

And there's always the old standard of flipping through the channels.

What’s gone are the fine days when we could read a cover story, get film reviews and then check the listings of the three to five channels you could get a somewhat-clear signal from the rooftop antenna. Later, on early cable TV, the TV Guide Network started scrolling the live listings on a channel. Then the station evolved to one carrying re-runs of shows and its own programming, with the listings rolling though the bottom half to third of the screen.

According to the New York Times, CBS bought the half-stake that was owned by One Equity Partners, a unit of JPMorgan Chase, for $100 million. CBS, which owns Showtime, its own sports channel and the Smithsonian Channel, has been searching for a way to expand into basic cable with a general entertainment outlet.

The nice thing is that it would allow for a place to show re-runs of franchise comedies and dramas the network has the rights too. A little-known fact is that the CBS production arm has a number of shows under its umbrella that appear on its own and other networks. Other programs like "Entertainment Tonight" appear in syndication.

NEW SONGS: "American Idol" finalist and Milwaukee artist Naima Adedapo has booked a new show at Turner Hall to showcase her new band and new music. The show is set for 8 p.m. on May 2.

"This has been an exciting and fulfilling year for me. I am thrilled to be able to share with everyone this new chapter in my musical journey," she said in a release.

Adedapo was a Top 11 finalist on season 10 of the show and spent the rest of the year traveling the world as part of the "American Idol" tour. 

TV DEAL: CBS Sports and the new Big Eight Conference with Marquette University have agreed to a long-term TV deal. CBS Sports will broadcast men’s basketball games, retaining the rights for conference, non-conference and neutral site games through to the 2019-20 season.

"CBS Sports has been a partner of the Big East for 30 years," Sean McManus of CBS Sports said. "As the conference enters into a new and exciting era, we are proud to continue our relationship and showcase the conference’s best games."

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