By Press Release Submitted to Published Jan 15, 2015 at 2:25 PM

Waterstone Bank Ice Rink at Center Street Park is open and free for the public to enjoy, nearly 25 years after the rink was closed because of budget cuts in the 1980s.

Common Council President Michael J. Murphy will participate in the ribbon cutting and opening reception for the rink at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 17 at Center Street Park, 6420 W. Clarke St. Other partners in the initiative will also take part, including Roscoe, the Milwaukee Admirals mascot.

Murphy has supported the collaborative effort to re-establish the ice rink to provide fun outdoor activities for children and families.

"The Waterstone Bank Ice Rink at Center Street Park is a family-friendly rink that allows the community to gather, get a little exercise and enjoy themselves during these winter months," Murphy said.

The rink opening was made possible by the efforts of Friends of Center Street Park, Waterstone Bank, Milwaukee County Parks Department, The Park People of Milwaukee County and President Murphy. Donations of time and supplies were also made by the Milwaukee Fire Department, Wauwatosa Fire Department, Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee Admirals, Colectivo Coffee, Sentry on Lisbon, as well as community members and volunteers.

The ice rink features a warming house in the Center Street Park Pavilion (with access to public restrooms), and the opportunity to purchase warm beverages. The ice rink will be run and maintained by Friends of Center Street Park and volunteers of the Center Street Park neighborhood.

Center Street Park is located in Milwaukee, but directly borders Wauwatosa.