By Alia Janine Special to Published Apr 18, 2014 at 5:15 PM

For the second episode of the Scatterbrains Podcast, besides promising to stop talking in the third person (seriously, no clue) I bring to you, the people, Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. Or, as everyone else knows her, "Dr. Chauntelle." Besides being a kickass brunch companion, her sociological research on the adult entertainment industry is significant to our ever-changing culture. Yet is highly underrated, degraded, and unfunded.

In this episode, we discuss what brought Tibbals to want to study porn. We talk about how she grew up in the valley where most of porn was (is) made and the other "research" that was extremely biased and outdated. We go through a short journey through her Ph.D. process and the difficulties she had with classmates because of what she was researching. We also bring up the fact that she has funded all of her own research out of pocket. Which is very rare in academia. So, if you ask her what she studies, you owe her a dollar (you’ll have to listen to the show to figure that one out).

We bring up some interesting facts about porn, society, and society’s love-hate relationship with pornography. We discuss how and why porn isn’t widely socially acceptable and how there is no real empathy for sex workers, yet the demand for them is higher than ever. We also talk about gay marriage, anti-porn activists, and people making sexual exceptions for themselves. Basically, this interview is pretty awesome. Dr. Chauntelle brings up really important social and moral issues concerning pornography in a very informative and fun way, without trying to shove porn down your throats (so to speak). She is humanizing a dehumanized industry.

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