By Sarah Foster Special to Published Dec 26, 2010 at 11:07 AM

I don't know if anyone noticed but Burlington's own Tony Romo, better known outside of Wisconsin as the Dallas Cowboys' injured starting quarterback, got engaged last weekend to some 24-year-old blond.

Who's willing to bet with me that in 3-5 years these two will be divorced after he gets caught by TMZ cheating with some stripper that resembles a younger version of his wife? Anyone? Anyone?

With all that we know about the personal habits of male professional athletes, why do women keep marrying them?

Option A: Women love money. When you marry the Cowboys' quarterback, you know that along with his boyish good looks, you're going to get at least one monstrous house (which the hired help cleans for you), fame if you want it, in the form of some hideous reality show on E!, all the designer clothes and shoes your little heart's ever dreamed of and, when your 24-year-old ass starts to sag, the best plastic surgery NFL money can buy. So why not scream "yes, yes, yes"when he pops the question? Tons of women would love to be in your shoes.

But as Eva Longoria, Deanna Favre, Elin Nordegren and countless other professional athletes' wives have learned, rich famous guys get ass thrown at them constantly and the majority of them step up and take a big ol' bite of it.

Now in the case of Deanna Favre, those two were high school sweethearts, so you can't really blame her for believing in true love. For all we know, she knew full well what he was up to; she just didn't appreciate him being stupid enough to get caught by the press. Honestly, of all the women out there that would gladly have shown up at that hotel room, why pick the one that can't keep her fat mouth shut?

Option B: Despite what history teaches us, some women are still convinced that they can change a man. You can't. He might change, for better or for worse, but it won't have much or anything to do with you. Changing a man is an event that happens less often than the lunar eclipse.

Those of us who haven't dated professional athletes might consider what the fame and fortune would feel like. Probably pretty awesome for awhile. But most of us don't like being away from our loved ones for more than a day's work, let alone, seasons at a time. Large sums of money can certainly make life simpler, but is it worth being alone? Constantly questioning? Knowing that your husband is traveling the country, staying in nice hotels and meeting all sorts of "new friends?" I don't know the answer. You'll have to ask someone that's been there before.

Most of us have a hard enough time picking the weasels out of the normal population, let alone diving into a demographic known for being cheating, lying, SOB's. Sure what's her name is a thin, blond twenty something right now, but if Eva Frickin Longoria can't keep a man's attention, I don't hold much hope for Romo's lady.

I wish the happy couple the best of luck. Let's hope she's at least smarter than Jessica Simpson.

Sarah Foster Special to

No, the sex columnist's real name is not Sarah Foster. (Foster is the model/actress that played an ex-lover of Vincent Chase in the first season of "Entourage.") In reality, our sex columnist is a Wisconsin native with a degree in journalism and a knack for getting people to talk to her.

Sarah never considered herself an "above average" listener. Others, however, seem to think differently. Perhaps she has a sympathetic tone or expression that compels people to share their lives and secrets with her despite how little they know her. Everyone from the girl that does her hair to people in line at the grocery store routinely spill the details of their lives and relationships to Sarah, unprompted but typically not unwanted. It’s strange to her that people would do this, but she doesn’t mind. Sarah likes that she can give advice even if it is to complete strangers.

So why the pseudonym? Simple. People tell Sarah these things because for some reason they trust her. They believe she cares and therefore will keep their secrets in a locked vault the same way a best friend or therapist would. Sarah won't name names, but that vault is now unlocked.