By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 30, 2019 at 5:01 AM

Milwaukee, after surviving a snow-filled winter and a rain-clogged spring that's still draining, you deserve a special concert. And Miller Brewing Company is going to give it to you, as this morning it announced its third annual "Cheers to Milwaukee" free concert, hosted on Thursday, June 6 at 8 p.m. at the Riverside Theater. 

Much like the first two "Cheers to Milwaukee" events, attendees aren't just getting a free show; they'll also receive a free ticket to Summerfest.

There is one key difference from the last two "Cheers to Milwaukee" surprise shows, however: You're not going to have to eagerly wait until the night of to find out who's performing. Indeed, we already know who's hitting the stage that night: Milwaukee music icons, the Violent Femmes. 

"There is no better way to celebrate the kick off of summer than by hosting a free show with Milwaukee’s legendary Violent Femmes at the historic Riverside Theater, brought to you by our city's most iconic brand, Miller Brewing," said Gary Witt, CEO of the Pabst Theater Group, in a press release. "We are proud to help make 'Cheers to Milwaukee' a day where our friends at Miller can give back to the city where their beer was born and to celebrate the amazing contribution Miller has made to our city's identity and their status as a key employer here."

"We are excited and proud to extend this great tradition with Riverside Theater in a city we’ve been fortunate to call home for more than 160 years," said Jim Kanter, MillerCoors general manager for Wisconsin, in the release.

"Miller Brewing remains dedicated to supporting and celebrating what makes this city so special and ‘Cheers to Milwaukee’ allows us to do just that. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying live music from a homegrown band while having a cold Lite or High Life." 

Tickets will be available starting today for those 21 and over, beginning at 10 a.m. at The Girl in the Moon shop located at the Miller Brewery and the Summerfest box office, followed by more at noon at The Pabst Theater and Riverside Theater box office. However, there will only be a limited number of tickets at all four locations, and it's first come, first served – so get on those fast! Ask to take your lunch break early!

For more information, visit the "Cheers to Milwaukee" Facebook page. And indeed, cheers to you, Milwaukee. You've earned it.

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