By Josh Hertzog   Published Mar 04, 2005 at 5:11 AM

{image1} Get ready to rock with a band that was molded from the clay of previous groups such as Little Blue Crunchy Things and Big Dumb Dick. The Cocksmiths have arrived, and they're making an instant impact.

The five-man group, formed in summer 2003, featuring Ryan Daniels and Matt Gonzales on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Paris Ortiz on lead guitar, Jeff O'Connor on the bass and Billy Backes banging away on the drums, has discovered an original blend of sound that begs for attention.

Yes, that's right. The band incorporates three guitars in its songs. "It's a wall of sound, a very full sound," Ortiz says.

And how would the band describe that sound?

"We have that Johnny Cash attitude, with some swagger as well," says Ortiz. "When we play, there's this groove to it, and it just comes naturally."

Gonzales says that having two vocalists adds to the music. "It can get funky like 'Shaft' or rock out. Two singers help the songs to be more diversified and unique."

The Cocksmiths aren't kidding, either. Their self-titled album is a blend of what the band accurately calls "dirty rock and roll" and a "grittier Black Crowes."

From the first track to the last, The Cocksmiths take the listener on the music freeway making stops at rock, funk and blues. Enticing guitar riffs and grungy vocals create a killer combination, and by end, it feels like you just heard five separate CDs.

The band immediately knew it had found the perfect mix of style and ability.

"We clicked right away," Backes says. "We actually look forward to rehearsals unlike some bands. We often count down the days 'til practice."

"With three Gibsons (guitars) goin' full-stream, you gotta love it," Gonzales says.

But The Cocksmiths nearly missed out on an "instrumental" part of the group. Backes almost didn't join.

"I was definitely interested, but I had other projects awaiting me as well," Backes says. "A week later though, I was contacted, and the rest is history."

The Cocksmiths are planning on making history as they prepare for live performances and promise their shows will be unlike any other's.

"With our shows, the best way to describe what you get is: you never know," Ortiz says. "We're not just an act, we're more than that."

"The sound fills up the place, not lacking in any way at all," Gonzales says. "With three guitars, two vocalists and a killer drummer, you're in for a ride."

This ride is making a stop in Milwaukee on Saturday, March 5 as The Cocksmiths headline a show at the Bradford Beach Club (BBC), 2022 E. North Ave., with supporting act The Bugs.