By Brian Kramp and Jon Adler Special to Published Apr 20, 2007 at 9:43 AM

Everyday we use some form of it.  Writing in this blog is one kind -- it’s simple, we exchange thoughts through words.  Talking on the radio is another form of communicating.  We offer statements or announce facts that we find interesting hoping to entertain our listener.  Voice mails, e-mails, hand gestures, street signs, the kind of clothes you wear, house you live in or even the kind of car you drive all communicate something.  Unless you sleep all day, we are all affected by it.  So why is it so difficult?  
Friendships, marriages, jobs and more importantly lives all have been lost due to the lack of communication.  It seems to be a problem that we all deal with, but why should the organized or accepted be set back by this?   The factor that comes into play is called life.
This week alone we’ve been ignored with a lack of appreciation, abused because of our position, stood up with no explanation, loved because of our situation, and forgiven because of our devotion.  Does that tire you out?  Well, that’s life and sometimes it goes by so fast we forget to reach out to those who don’t or can’t communicate.
As the week ends we’ll continue to communicate a message.  We’ll continue to express our feelings through signs, words and expressions as we listen, exchange and correspond.  But, with all that has happened this past week, maybe it’s time we try to communicate better.  Reach out, be patient and learn from situations that are seemingly out of our control.
Oh by the way, today is 4/20.  To some it may be a term “used in North America as a discreet way to refer to cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis culture” (Thanks Michael Scott for being a believer in Wikipedia).  Instead, we’ve taken this day to remember how lucky we are to be around people that we can communicate with, how blessed we are that we have parents who have instilled amazing traits in us and how pleasant opening an e-mail from a good friend really can be.  This e-mail is from our good friend who lives in Colorado.
“This a.m., I walked down the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall to my office, which is at the end of said mall. The weather is overcast and drizzling, but the temp is a seasonal 52 degrees. I had my iPod with me, and one song stood out as the perfect mood-setter. I instantly dialed in "Lover, You Should've Come Over" by Jeff Buckley. What a great tune to take a walk in the rain to.”
Yes, music is also a great way to communicate your emotions.  Have a great weekend even if it rains on you.