By Lindsay Garric Special to Published Mar 30, 2012 at 4:28 PM

A busy few weeks and a completely fried brain have me turning to my pre-OnMilwaukee days for some finger-to keyboard inspiration.

Coincidently, I simultaneously came across an inspiring reminder via a Tweet from the Kabbalah Center's Yehuda Berg: "We put so much energy into looking amazing, we forget to just go be amazing," along with the blurb below which I wrote on June 23, 2010 on my other blog, "Look Damn Good."

I am about to reveal the number one secret to looking and feeling damn good.

You can't buy it online, shop for it at exclusive retailers or find it at your nearest Wal-Mart.

It is something that a lucky few are just born with and others work to cultivate.

Sometimes you have to fake it until it becomes integrated into your being.

It's about playing up your strengths and embracing your flaws.

Know what makes you special, what makes you YOU.

So what is this magic key that is the entire point of this blog?


Get some.

Work at it.

Force yourself to hold your head high and be a force of nature.

Challenge: Shift your mindset 180 degrees (even if you are "bluffing") about a negative body image or emotional issue for three days. See and feel the difference.

Be confident – to look and feel damn good!

See, my point has never been to only care for your outside. The things I write about – nutrition, fitness, spirituality ... and yes, makeup and fashion – are all just components of FEELING your best.

And that translates into a person who exudes the ultimate beauty secret.

Lindsay Garric Special to

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