By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 14, 2019 at 12:26 PM

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The great feud of our time – yes, I am of course speaking of the bloody and brutal ongoing war between MillerCoors and Bud Light – may have started with a commercial set in Medieval times but it's now taking a step into the 21st century. 

According to MediaPost, during the NCAA men's basketball tournament games next weekend, Coors Light will strike back at Bud Light's corn syrup crazed attack ads with something they call "the Coors Light," a smart beer tap that will glow blue whenever it registers a negative Bud Light ad on nearby televisions or social media about its rivals' ingredients – a cue that everyone in the bar will get two free Coors Lights on the house. 

The bad news – other than the sudden fear that your local watering hole's beer taps are now wire-tapping you? These glowing beer beacons will only be installed in five bars next weekend – one in New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Las Vegas and ... Omaha? – and will only be active during select games on March 22 and 23. Also, if you wind up at one of these special bars, you'll have to wear a tracking wristband in order to make sure you don't go over the two free beer limit. Tracking bands and beer taps that can listen? Who predicted macrobrews would turn into big brother?

But hey, free beer!

And even if you aren't in one of those five special bars with the glowing tap, other Coors Light bars and markets plan to participate in the "Refresh the Conversation" campaign, offering a free round of Coors Light for any negative Bud Light ads broadcasted during the big games. 

This is just the latest wartime strategy employed by these two rival brews, a battle that began with a Bud Light Super Bowl ad, raged onto social media quickly after and is now being fought on our billboards, in the pages of the New York Times and down our local bars' drains. If I'm being honest, I don't think anybody, then or now, cares too much about the Great Corn Syrup War of 2019 – and apparently MillerCoors doesn't think so either. In fact, they KNOW it, as its ad notes that, in their polling, apparently 80 percent would rather drink beer rather than bicker about what's in it. 

But hey, if it means more free beer, these two should definitely keep fighting.

Also: If Omaha can get one of these fancy glowing Tesseract-looking bar taps, Milwaukee should definitely get one too. 

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