By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published May 09, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Bad boys, bad boys, what cha gonna do?

It is hard to believe, but the show "Cops" has been on the air for 25 years. With more than 900 episodes under its belt, the production will end its run on Fox this season.

When it first started, Fox was a new player in free over-the-air broadcast, just building a network. The low-cost production put various law enforcement officers from around the country into people’s living rooms. The show also allowed Fox to put something never seen before on Saturday nights, creating a ratings hit for its highly sought after 18-34 demographic.

Fox found a winning formula, pairing the documentary-style reality show with "America’s Most Wanted" hosted by John Walsh. In 2011, "America’s Most Wanted" moved to Lifetime and has since ended. We’ve seen Walsh on various news programs commenting on the recent escape by three missing women in Cleveland.

For season 26, "Cops" has been picked up to run Saturday nights on Spike. Spike ordered 22 episodes of the show to air starting in September. Spike TV president Kevin Kay told TV Guide that for now "Cops" will air back-to-back for a full hour of programming. His plan is to eventually use Saturday night (usually a wasteland on TV that most traditional networks use to run movies, sports programming or re-runs) as a platform for new original programming.

The timing of the "Cops" pickup worked well, as Fox held its Upfront on Wednesday, beating the other three over-the-air network on presenting new shows. Upfront week is the traditional platform networks use to show prospective advertisers its plans for the next TV seasons. In the past, NBC held its Upfront on Monday morning, and Fox held it on the same day in the afternoon. NBC, to get a jump on headlines, would leak the information on pilots on Sunday night.

Fox got the jump on everyone by having its Upfront earlier than the others. Expect more new show information to get leaked over the weekend and reported on all of next week.

NEW LUNCH TIME: WLUM-FM 102.1 made a small programming change this week. The"Smells Like the 90s Lunch" the weekday show featuring 90s alternative music moved to 9 a.m.

Radio host Michelle Rutkowski will continue to present the show with a new name, "90s at 9."

MILWAUKEE ECONOMY: As part of an on-going series, Fox Business Network will present  "The Business of Real Estate." The day-long special on Friday is devoted to the housing market and its prospects for 2013.

According to the network, the report will feature expert analysis and in-depth assessment of regional real estate markets, with a focus on Milwaukee and other markets.

Gerri Willis, author of "Home Rich" and host of "The Willis Report" that airs on the cable outlet at 6 p.m., offered this tip for Milwaukee-area home buyers:

"Zillow predicts that home values for the metro Milwaukee housing market will rise 1.9 percent this year. If you are looking to buy a home this year, here’s a tip. Get the money ahead of time," Willis said.

"If you are getting a loan to buy, do the paperwork first. If you have a commitment from your lender in hand ahead of time, your negotiating position will become much stronger."

Coverage begins at 5 a.m. locally and will include guests such as TEAM Investment Founder Tanya Marchiol, Corcoran Group Founder Barbara Corcoran, United Realty Partners CEO Jacob Frydman, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate CEO Sherry Chris and RentRange CEO Walter Charnoff.

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