By Gregg Hoffmann Special to Published Jun 29, 2008 at 5:10 AM

Greg Vaughn's path in the big leagues started in Wisconsin with the Brewers. He's glad his son, Cory, also is on a path leading through the Badger State.

Greg Vaughn, who played for the Brewers from 1989-'96, is serving as a special assistant coach for the La Crosse Loggers while his son plays center field.

"It's great to be back in Wisconsin," Vaughn said before a recent Loggers' game. "These people here always treated me great. We still have friends and family here. My wife is from Wisconsin, so it's nice being back.

"This is Cory's time, though. I've always supported him whether it's in sports, education or other things.

"Young men decide at this level whether they have what it takes to go on and play professional baseball. This isn't high school. You play every day and learn a lot about what it takes to play this game at a higher level."

Cory, who recently completed his freshman year at San Diego State, stands 6-3 and weighs 225, considerably bigger than his father.

"He's a big, strong kid," Vaughn said. "He has great potential and works hard at the game."

Having a big leaguer for a dad can have its pros and cons. "I suppose it put some extra pressure on him," the elder Vaughn said.

"At the same time, it helps to have been around big league clubhouses as a kid. Playing catch with Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount and other guys like that is a great introduction to the game."

Cory says he's enjoying catching up on things with is dad. "I really haven't seen him much since Christmas since I was at school and playing," he said. "It's been fun to hang around together, talk baseball and catch up on things. He's serious about his coaching. He wants to win.

"Early in high school, I think I put extra pressure on myself because I was the son of Greg Vaughn. He never put it on me. As I got older, I just started playing my game."

Cory Vaughn learned the game at the highest level.

"It was great to be in big league clubhouses and see how hard they work," he said. "Playing for Tony Gwynn at San Diego State also has been great. At first, it almost seemed unreal, but after awhile he is just your coach. You can learn so much from guys like him, my dad and others who have played the game."

Greg Vaughn, who ranks sixth on the Brewers' all-time homer list with 169 and eighth in RBI with 566, still follows the Brewers.

"Mike Cameron is a good friend and I have other friends with the organization," he said. "They have some good young players. I hope they bring a championship to the fans in Wisconsin."

Greg had to go back to California before the Loggers played the Wisconsin Woodchucks, managed by former Brewer teammate Jim Gantner, on June 2. He said he'd make sure he is back with the Loggers when the two teams meet again.





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