By Jeff Sherman Staff Writer Published Sep 03, 2019 at 4:01 PM

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You don’t have to be an NFL expert, or even just a football fan, to play Cover5. And you certainly don’t have to know what a Cover 5 passing defense is. In fact, you just gotta want to play and have fun with Cover5, a new promotional partner.

What is it? Simple – it’s a combination of a standard office pool pick 'em, along with some elements of Vegas-style point spread watching. Cover5 gives you and your friends the ability to pick teams each week to win – and if the teams win, you win. It also allows others to join in easily.

Here’s how Cover5 works: Sign up here, and each week you select five teams to win. This requires far less time than standard fantasy leagues and frees up time for watching the games and bantering on Twitter.

Cover5 players are able to compete in open leagues with players from around the country. Each player can, for this season, pick either NFL or NCAA games and make it more fun than just fantasy football by scoring points on wins and losses, as adjusted by the spread of the games.

It combines the excitement of fantasy sports with the ease of a bracket. Simply pick five teams and score points when they beat the spread or get points taken away when they don’t. So simple, anyone can play. For more, here's Scott Schmidt, co-founder of Cover5.

OnMilwaukee: Tell us, in your words, what Cover5 is.

Scott Schmidt: Cover5 is the perfect game for both the casual and diehard fan. Its unique game play allows for the casual fan to take five minutes, pick five teams and enjoy the NFL week's action while competing against their family and friends. For the diehard, they can spend time analyzing trends, injury reports and match-ups to select the five teams they think will cover the point spread the most. A commissioner can create their own league and have contests for a weekly winner and the overall winner. You're never out of it, and unlike fantasy football, you're guaranteed to have 17 weeks of action.

What sets it apart from other games?

Cover5 is based on every point of every game being important. Those meaningless touchdowns or field goals late in the fourth quarter are pivotal in Cover5. They could make all the difference in you winning your league or finishing 15th. We've been told that since Cover5 came around, the Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games are actually fun to watch in part because they determine where a player is going to finish in their league even if they didn't pick that game.

Where’s the online sports gaming industry heading?

We're excited! In the UK, for example, online gaming is massive. As viewers watch the English Premier League games, for example, there are hundreds of ways to bet on or participate in different types of contests. When the federal government repealed PASPA last summer, it paved the way for each state to decide how and if they want to allow sports betting in their state. Based on the early response, I think it's safe to say we will have some type of online gaming or gambling in all 50 states.

What’s next, after football season, for Cover5?

Everybody loves the NCAA tourney brackets, but we have a game more explosive, more volatile and more exciting from the first tip of the play-in games until the final horn of the championship game. After that, we'd love the add the English Premier League, which we've beta-ed stateside earlier with great results.

Speaking of football, though, which teams are your favorites for this 2019-20 season?

Seriously? With a revamped defense and an offensive-minded head coach, we're loving the Packers this year! The AFC is up for grabs with KC leading the pack. Maybe we get a Super Bowl 1 rematch this year?

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