By Malika Siker, MD and Erik Kennedy Published Feb 24, 2021 at 2:01 PM Photography: WikiCommons

As of Jan. 25, 2021, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services is permitting adults aged 65 and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Adults in this age group are at a significantly higher risk of death or hospitalization from COVID-19

For those of us serving patients in healthcare, it is thrilling to see our patients gain access to the vaccine – which data suggest that these vaccines are 95 percent effective at preventing COVID-19 – and hear them express their joy, enthusiasm and hope.  

It will certainly be a challenge to reach all 700,000-plus Wisconsin residents who are age 65 and over. Early access to the vaccine has primarily been directed through our healthcare systems and government health departments. From navigating websites to downloading apps, the quickest and most efficient way to access the vaccine has been through technology.  However, some adults in this demographic are less savvy with technology and others simply do not have access to these resources. Unfortunately, this will likely further widen the health disparities we have already witnessed with the effects of COVID-19 in vulnerable populations. 

While our health systems and government agencies are working on obtaining more vaccine and finding more ways to reach those at highest risk to the devastating effects of COVID-19, all of us can help. We urge all readers to reach out to the adults you know who are aged 65 and older, especially those less familiar or without access to technology and those in high risk groups, and assist them in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine. We can all do our part to help our community and increase health equity.

Because information regarding locations and ways to access the vaccine in the region has been fragmented, we have consolidated these resources for you below and will continue to add to the list. Please be aware that vaccine supplies have been very restricted, resulting in limited availability, so there is no guarantee that these locations will have an opening immediately.   Additional opportunities will open once more supplies are received. It is recommended that you consider your health system/center, city and/or county health department, or pharmacy first before trying other links. If you have an additional resource to add or would like a resource removed, please contact

Healthcare Systems

  • Frodetert & Medical College of Wisconsin is offering the vaccine to adults 65 and older. The best way to stay informed is through MyChart and the Froedtert & MCW mobile app.
  • Advocate Aurora Health is offering the vaccine to adults 65 and older.  The best way to stay informed is through the LiveWell app 
  • Ascension is offering the vaccine to adults 65 and older.  
  • ProHealth is offering the vaccine to adults 65 and older.  

Community Health Centers


City and County Health Resources