By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 27, 2022 at 10:01 AM

Normally you have to drive to Culver's – but on Wednesday, Aug. 3, it's driving to us as the fast food chain will park its first-ever food truck in Deer District to serve up fun alongside free cheese curds and custard. Yes, you read that right: free cheese curds and custard. 

Hosted from noon to 6 p.m., the food truck stop will serve up lots of fun next to its free Sconnie staples – including a photo op shaped like a giant cheese curd, live artistic cheese carving, frozen custard-themed Plinko (complete with prizes) and more. In addition to eating good, attendees will also do good as guests will vote on a Milwaukee charity to receive a $5,000 donation, with second place receiving $2,500.

And did I recently mention the free curds and custard? Because I really can't emphasize enough that there will be free curds and custard. 

Culver's food truck curd photo opX

The food truck stop is a part of Culver's "From Wisconsin With Love" tour, "exporting Wisconsin" nationwide with similarly scrumptuous stops through 17 cities and 14 states. 

"It’s always been our mission to bring a little bit of Wisconsin to our guests through delicious food and a commitment to caring for people – so bringing this experience to our home state means a lot to us,” said Culver’s co-founder Craig Culver, in a release. "This event is all about celebrating our common roots with our fellow Wisconsinites, and we can’t wait to have an unforgettable experience with people from all over the Milwaukee area."

For more information on the "From Wisconsin with Love" tour and the upcoming Milwaukee stop, click here. And for more food truck feasting options, check out our Food Truck Faves series

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