By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 29, 2024 at 4:01 PM

Down 3-1 to the Indiana Pacers with neither Giannis nor Damian Lillard on the court, it's been tough watching the Bucks these days. So watch this amusingly odd highlight from Bucks history instead. 

And people give Giannis a tough time for his free throws!

As found by Historical Sports Goon on Instagram, the clip is a rare sighting of jump shot free throws courtesy of former Milwaukee Buck Dave Meyers. As opposed to the usual set-shot, this approach is rarely seen in the wild –beyond fellow Sconnie sports figure Ryan Evans of the Wisconsin Badgers and a scant few others throughout hoops history.

They may be odd – but they worked well enough for Meyers, who won two NCAA national championships with UCLA in 1973 and 1975, leading the team in points the second time while also playing with fellow future Buck Marques Johnson. While Meyers was originally drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, he was quickly sent to Milwaukee in the infamous and league-shaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar trade. Here, he'd be a solid role player during the late '70s, putting up his best numbers in 1977-78 with more than 14 points per game before missing the entire following season with a back injury and playing just one more year in Milwaukee before retiring from the game entirely.

Meyers passed away of cancer almost a decade ago in 2015, but he leaves behind a legacy as a UCLA hero, a key part of one of the NBA's most famous trades ... and these funky free throws, which, as a Bucks fan, are far more enjoyable than that second point. And are far more enjoyable to watch than Bobby Portis getting ejected from a playoff game without Giannis and Dame being available and all hands needed on deck. But it's fine. I'm totally fine. Not at all bitter and annoyed about it.

So yeah, about that: The current-day Bucks are down 3-1 to the Indiana Pacers, now having to win three straight to keep their season and championship ambitions alive. For more info on their playoff run, where to watch the remaining games and more, click here

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