By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 14, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Today's Deal of The Day is 60 percent off personal training and 10 customized lunches from Fit Food Trainer. This normally costs $245, but today, you can get it for $99.

What's the deal?

Sarah Dusseau is a a certified personal trainer and pilates instructor who opened her Menomonee Falls-based fitness studio and kitchen, called Fit Food Trainer, N56 W15560 Silver Spring Dr., in October 2010.

Fit Food Trainer is a studio – not a gym – that offers a variety of classes including pilates and boot camps along with one-on-one, two-person and small-group personal training services.

But the truly unique aspect of Fit Food Trainer is the food component. Two days a week, Dusseau spends her time preparing single-seving, healthy meals for clients. Dusseau only uses free-range chickens, organic greens, wild-caught fish and fresh ingredients.

"Nothing is ever frozen. There are no preservatives, no trans fats and gluten-free," she says.

Dusseau says she promotes "clean eating," which means nothing she prepares has more than two ingredients. For example, she might prepare fresh vegetables with olive oil (and a some spices) for what she believes is the perfect blend of satisfaction and flavor. Lunch, for example, might be a Greek salad with grilled chicken or a white bean soup.

Why is it special?

Dusseau says when her clients combine her workouts with her meal plan, the results are fast and furious.

"This kind of diet is a cleansing for the entire body. It's unbelievable what kind of weight people lose. And even more importantly, they feel so much better," she says. "They aren't bloated anymore, they have more energy and some say they even sleep better."

Dusseau, who is also a TRX suspension trainer and a RKC kettlebell trainer, says the mission of her studio is to provide clients with support, education and motivation in fitness and nutrition so they can achieve and maintain their goals for a healthy life style. The key to her workouts is "functional training that uses the body as a whole, working from the core out." Clients have a different workout every session and workout with many different types of equipment – from kettle bells to ropes – for limited amounts of time.

"Plus, we do a lot of planks and push-ups," she says. "In general, variety is really important."