By Kristine Hansen, special to   Published Jul 17, 2011 at 2:23 PM

So you can't travel to Argentina to taste wines. What about heading to Cudahy one night this month?

Sheridan's – which consists of not only a cool Art Nouveau-interior dining room but a bed and breakfast with rooms named after wine regions (such as Stellenbosch, South Africa; or Rioja, Spain) – is hosting a wine dinner on July 28.

And it's a pretty good deal. For $50, you get a five-course dinner (which has been dubbed "Delicioso Argentina") paired with wines, and the opportunity to learn more from Swiss Cellars, a Wisconsin-based wine importer, about each Argentine wine you sip.

A sneak peek at the menu reveals that the three participating wineries are Maula, Amayna and Marlen. There's a focus on South American street food and elegant entrees alike, including Empanada con Chimichurri matched with a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc and an oaky Malbec poured alongside the "plato principal" (main dish) of Milanesa a la Napolitana, which is thinly sliced beef that's dipped in chimichurri eggs and breaded as well as topped with ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce. A side of homemade fries comes with that dish, making sure the Malbec stacks up to ample starch on the palate.

Argentina is still untapped territory for a lot of wine drinkers even though it's the world's fifth largest wine-producing region. (Argentine-wine exports didn't occur until the early 1990s). The rising popularity of both red and white wines coming out of Argentina has a lot to do with affordable pricing: it's very possible to pick up a bottle of Argentine wine for under $10-$12 a bottle. Malbecs are the most famous wine coming out of this country, but several red-wine varietals are winning people over too, like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Chardonnay, Torrontes and Sauvignon Blanc – all white wine varietals – from Argentina are also getting good feedback from wine critics.