By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 19, 2021 at 8:26 PM

Wisconsin State Fair Park should be renamed Jurassic Park for the next month as Dino Safari has brought the planet's former tenants back to life. 

Roaring through Wisconsin State Fair Park now through May 2, Dino Safari is a drive-thru experience offering a trip back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth – all from the comfort of your car. (Best to have something between you and a raptor anyways, if "Jurassic Park" taught me anything.) Around 40 lifelike dinosaurs are on display throughout the drive-thru tour, from classic favorites like the triceratops to relatively new discoveries like the dakotaraptor and, of course, the boss of the dinosaurs, the T-rex – all modeled and created up to the latest accurate scientific info, and all seemingly living and breathing on the other side of your car window. 

To learn more about this cool tour through the Cretaceous – and to make my inner seven-year-old dinosaur nerd super jealous – I got to spend my lunch break getting an up-close look at this unique drive-thru museum and the dinosaurs inhabiting it. (Thankfully for me, it wasn't the T-rex or raptors' lunch break too.) Take a look!

To see these dinosaurs and many more for yourself, get tickets at Dino Safari's website. Admission costs $49.95 per car up to seven occupants and $59.95 for large capacity vehicles with carloads of eight and more. And act fast: These dinosaurs will go extinct once more after May 2!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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