By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 22, 2021 at 8:06 PM

Haven't been able to get back into Fiserv Forum for a Bucks home game yet? Enjoy this one-of-a-kind view of Giannis' kingdom, and all the work that goes into putting on a slam dunk of a show, courtesy of one of the team's biggest fans and coolest team members: DJ Shawna. 

For the latest chapter of the team's Gameday Delivered video series, the Bucks' DJ took a cameraperson around Fiserv Forum for a behind-the-scenes look at the team's pre-crowd February spat against the Indiana Pacers, showing what all goes into a day as the team's official party-starter – from trying to figure out the Bucks players' preferred pump-up tracks from a distance, to planning the right time to bust out the special "Red 14" sound effect and, of course, cheering on the home squad.

It's an interesting – and, thanks to our chipper and dad-joking host, engaging – peak behind the curtain of the show beyond the court as well as the peculiar pandemic atmosphere of making an empty arena feel as electric, rowdy and normal as possible for the athletes on the floor. And, best of all, it ends with a Bucks victory. 

Here's the full clip:

For those missing their usual seat for a Bucks game, getting a view from one of the best, most active seats in the house with one of the team's best, most active supporters should make a solid consolation until normalcy returns to the lineup.

For more unique angles on the Bucks' season, check out the Bucks' other episodes of Gameday Delivered – hanging out with the team's equipment managers as well as sideline reporter Zora Stephenson – at the team's Facebook page. And be sure to cheer on the Bucks as they continue their push to the playoffs!

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