By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 14, 2019 at 5:26 PM

From wearing jerseys and T-shirts, to painting logos and putting up signs, and even just cheering like mad in the entertainment block, all of Milwaukee is doing what it can to show its support for the Milwaukee Bucks in its deep postseason run. And local radio is no different, as the hosts of 103.7 KISS FM proclaimed today that hip-hop star Drake has been temporarily banned from its airwaves.

Or, put otherwise, this Kiki doesn't love you, they are not riding and they are currently leaving from beside you. 

Why all the anger at Aubrey? You see, Drake isn't just a Raptors fan. He's not even just a Raptors superfan, merely seen sitting courtside and politely applauding at Toronto home games. No, he's a literal member of the franchise as a "global ambassador" for the team. The team's training center has been renamed after Drake's OVO brand, and one of the Raptors' uniforms even uses Drake's signature black-and-gold color scheme, putting his imprint literally on the team. So he's much more than just a celeb fan. He's an embedded and very annoyingly chirpy celeb fan who sits courtside by the team as if he's an assistant coach and gets into tiffs with the players actually playing the game. 

It's not hard to predict he'll be his usual vocal self during the Eastern Conference Finals. So if he's gonna make all that noise this series, KISS FM figures, no reason to let him make noise on our airwaves.

"We've decided that until the Bucks/Raptors series comes to an end ... we are hereby taking a BREAK FROM DRAKE," wrote KISS FM morning host Riggs on the station's site. "NO MORE DRAKE ON KISS-FM. Oh – it's a song that features Drake? Nope. Sorry. Byeee. We can't take that chance.  

"When Toronto comes to Milwaukee, they won't be hearing any of their hometown boy on 103.7 KISS FM. Nah, son. Keep that ish in your BEATS. Not in OUR HOUSE."

The piece also explains that the Drake break doesn't extend to his fellow Toronto Top 40 mainstay Shawn Mendes, partly because the wordplay doesn't work as well (could've called it a Shawn suspension) and partly because he's too adorable to ban. 

Will the KISS's "break from Drake" give the Bucks another edge in their upcoming series, tipping off Wednesday night at Fiserv Forum at 7:30 p.m.? Possibly – though considering Drake's notorious history of being more of a curse to his favorite teams than an asset, maybe we should be blasting more Drake rather than less. Because when it comes to his history of fandom – especially with the Raptors – he's loved and he's lost. 

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