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If the backyard has lost its luster and you've visited every Milwaukee attraction at least once already this summer, then you're ready for a quick and easy nearby family getaway. It's Family Vacation Week here at OnMilwaukee and we'll bring you suggestions every day for great jaunts perfect for a day, weekend or week-long getaway. Bon voyage, Milwaukee!

It’s summer vacation season, and for many of us, that does’t include international travel. However, if time and money were not an object, where would you like to travel?

The editors hope to land all over the world someday, but for now, they’ll be living and writing in Brew City.

Dave Begel contributor
My dream vacation is to be in New York City with an unlimited budget so I can see two plays a day for two weeks. One matinee and one evening performance and dinner every night at Puttanesca, the West Side restaurant that is the best Italian restaurant I've ever eaten in. New York is a unique place, there is nowhere like it anywhere in the world. The hustle and bustle is unmatched and it challenges you every step of the way. My idea of a perfect vacation.

Colleen Jurkiewicz
My dream vacation is New Orleans. I love American history and I've been fortunate enough to see most of the major players as far as post-colonial cities go. But I've never been to New Orleans, and I've never even been that far South, for that matter. I've heard from friends and family how beautiful it is and how many things to do there are, even after 2005. The city's rich multiracial history intrigues me, as does its current tenacious will to survive. Plus, I really want to try beignets. 

Jim Owczarski 
Sports writer
The dream vacation would be to head to Scotland for 10 days on an all-inclusive trip that included rounds of golf at the Old Course at St. Andrews, Carnoustie and Royal Troon. Well, St. Andrews and Carnoustie for sure, and then at least one other course in the British Open rota. That's a must. Then, I'd like to find some local golf out there. Ideally, I'd play seven days. In Europe, they want you around the course very quickly (unlike the U.S.) so I'd be game for 36 on a given day, too. Then, at night, I'd like to tour around some of the cities and villages. One night would have to include a ghost tour through Edinburgh. I spent a great two days in Scotland a decade ago and have always wanted to go back. This is indeed the dream vacation. 

Molly Snyder
Senior writer
I want to go just about everywhere, but here are a few places that top my wish list. Most of all, I would like to return to Guatemala with my son, who was born there, so he can meet his former foster mother and experience the beautiful culture. I would also like to go to Ireland someday and drink a fresh pint of Guinness. I want to see Bjork perform in her native Iceland. I also really want to go to Sweden and Tokyo. Really, just about anywhere in China or Japan. And India. And Brazil. I really need to start a travel budget.

Bobby Tanzilo
Managing editor
There are lots of places I'd love to visit or visit again, but I'm not sure I have a dream vacation. I'd love to be able to spend an extended period in Piedmont, Italy, but that might be too long to really qualify as a vacation. I'd be happy to travel anywhere, but on my shortlist at the moment are Buenos Aires, Ireland and Easter Island. Depending on the political climate, I've always wanted to visit Algeria, too. Blame Camus and Chaba Zahouania.

Andy Tarnoff
I've visited many of the places I've wanted to over the years. But as I get older, I am more and more intrigued about going as far off the grid as I can. Somewhere where my cell phone doesn't work. Occasionally, I daydream about a trip to Barrow, Alaska, but that's pretty cold. Rather, I kind of like the idea of hopping on a plane to Australia or New Zealand, checking that out for a bit, then heading to a tiny, tropical island. I don't even know which one, as long as it has coconuts, beaches and palm trees and very few Americans. Any ideas?