By Krystal Hardy Contributor Published Feb 19, 2019 at 12:01 PM

Saturday night at Company Brewing, 735 E. Center St., I ordered a Blood & Glitter cocktail – mostly because I was there to listen to live dance music and it made me instantly think of glitter. Possibly lame, I know. Alas, glitter was not present in the drink (although edible glitter is a thing and I would not have been mad at that addition).

Anyway, the cocktail contains reposado tequila, mezcal, orange-cherry-thyme elixir and Bittercube orange bitters. The first sip felt like sitting by a cozy fire in a cabin, in your coziest pajamas. 

One of four Bittercube cocktails featured on the menu, the Blood & Glitter highlights the Bittercube orange bitters containing notes of "bright orange, toasted coriander, caraway and cardamom,’’ giving the drink a sweet, warm citrus burst. It paired nicely with the crispy French fries with truffle aioli and cheese curd tacos I had as appetizers.  

An honorable mention is the Rosy Cheeks cocktail that my friend ordered, one of four seasonal cocktails currently at Company Brewing. The drink features Plymouth Gin, triple sec, fresh grapefruit and lime juice, sour and soda water. The concoction was equal parts zesty, refreshing and earthy. My friend Vincent recalls that the first sip was reminiscent of "drinking lemonade in summer" but with a kick to it. Rosy Cheeks accompanied a kale salad which mirrored the citrus notes with its own grapefruit IPA vinaigrette. 

(PHOTO: Vincent Boyle)

Company Brewing’s menu is a delight with several robust vegetarian and vegan options, a great cocktail menu and live music to complete the experience. You can find their menus and live music lineup at

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