By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Sep 01, 2006 at 4:17 PM

After Forbes Magazine named Milwaukee the "drunkest city" in the country, I did a little informal investigation of my own and e-mailed a few ex-Milwaukeeans to find out if they drank more when they lived here than they do in their new digs.

Five out of five people said yes, they definitely drank more when they lived in Milwaukee. Somehow this makes me feel both depressed and festive.

"I do think Milwaukeeans drink more than people down here. Although I'm not sure that's a realistic comparison, considering we're in the Bible belt and can't buy alcohol on Sundays and we have dry counties here.

"I think people drink more up there for a number of reasons. The weather is cold and gray a lot, and there's nothing better on such days then sitting in a warm, cozy bar. It's Milwaukee's culture, considering how many people grew up with parents, grandparents and/or friends/neighbors working in breweries. Finally, Milwaukeeans love of sports contribute to heavy drinking.Wisconsin is an extremely proud state, and very loyal to its sports teams."
Jennifer Surges, Atlanta

"People drink less here. People like to drink everywhere, but Milwaukee is definitely something special ... I think that it's cultural. With all of the breweries, they lobbied for favorable drinking laws, which then translated into cultural acceptability of drunkenness. Milwaukeeans are always trying to drink away their depression."
Tom Edler, San Francisco

"Yes, people drink more in Milwaukee. Out here in Boulder, we are an active, healthy bunch in general. The way to socialize is to get out of doors and a beer might be the reward after a long, hard day in the sun cycling, running or hiking, but it's not a part of the day's main course. In Milwaukee, it seems that drinking is the main course in terms of activity and socializing. It is a part of the culture there. But who knows? It might because of the working-class history of Milwaukee -- folks work so hard that they need to settle down each day with a drink. Or maybe it's the long, cold winters that bring people indoors to gather with a warming libation."
Erin Love, Boulder

"People drink way more in Milwaukee than in New York. I think it's because drinks cost more here, we have to work harder to make a go of it here, and drunkeness, in general, is not cool."
Josh Miller, New York City

"Californians drink less. I think Milwaukeeans consume so much alcohol to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Seriously, because it is socially prominent in all of the communities in Milwaukee, it's one of the main forces around which people come together."
Jen Kulbeck, San Francisco

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