By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 19, 2011 at 1:07 PM

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Milwaukee is a great town for local music, and a great town for getting drunk. So it's no surprise that there are an abundance of local music acts who've penned tunes about tying one on.

From straight up beer pounding anthems, to melancholy reflections on what happens when the party is over, Milwaukee bands have often turned to the bottle for inspiration.

So if your thirsting for a drinking song, here are a few of the best from local bands in recent memory. Crack a beer, crank up the speakers and enjoy.

Drugs Dragons, "Brain Grave":

A sludgy garage rock ripper about a hangover so brutal, your brain might as well be six-feet-under. Singer Luke Chappelle, one half of the aptly titled Get Drunk DJ's, belts it out like a guy whose had a few too many few too many's.

Jaill, "Thank Us Later":

This syrupy tune off their latest full length "That's How We Burn" captures that sinking morning after feeling. Singer and guitar player Vinnie Kircher's lyrics paint a picture of what a bummer life can be after the after party.

Jonathan Burks, "Getting Wasted":

Burks' honkey tonk bar room tunes feel like most of them were scrawled on the back of a cocktail napkin in a Riverwest dive bar. He's got so many songs about drinking that you wonder how the guy stays sober enough to ever cut a record. "Getting Wasted" doesn't beat around the Busch, it just cracks it open, sucks it down and orders another.

Decibully, "If I Don't Work":

This indie-folk outfit is filled with service industry vets. So it's no surprise that singer and bar owner BJ Seidel would write a song about the dark side of the drinking life. If you've ever found yourself sober when the bar lights come on, you're no stranger to the lecherous characters brought to life in this song.

Call Me Lightning, "Pizza Party":

Consider this a call to arms to party before the slices get cold. A CML classic off the band's debut full length "The Trouble We're In" that has pleased boozed up crowds for years.

The Goodnight Loving, "Land of 1000 Bars"

Minnesota has lakes, we have bars. This song by the sadly defunct country-fried garage rockers plays out like an unofficial state anthem for anyone who's spent some time in the glowing neon lights of a Dairy State watering hole.

The Hussy, "Drinking Song"

While Madison might lay claim to these garage rockers, but you'd never know it by the amount of shows they play here. And besides Milwaukee is consistently named a harder drinking town than that giant Phish concert of a town up I-94. So sorry Madison, we are taking your band and the song.

.357 String Band, "Down On A Bender"

A rough and tumble cranked up bluegrass tune about getting into the drunk to end all drunks.

KingHellBastard "Ma'waukee"

A love letter from one of Milwaukee's tightest Hip-Hop acts to its hometown and it's beer swilling ways.

RAZE "Blue Collar"

This Milwaukee MC and producer would rather be sipping a Pabst Blue Ribbon than working his blue collar job. A great song for everyone working for the weekend.