By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 23, 2004 at 7:18 AM

Far-flung reader Paul Bradley, an ex-pat living in Dublin, Ireland, wrote to tell us:

"I came across a peculiar Milwaukee reference in one of magazine sections of a national Sunday paper called the Sunday Tribune. They run a small column called 'My Favourite Bar.' This week, a guy called Ray Yeats, who is the director of the Arts and Community Centre in Ballymun (a suburb of Dublin), was featured."

Here is the text of the article, as submitted by Bradley (with thanks to the Sunday Tribune).

What is your favourite bar in the world?
The Uptowner, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What is so good about it?
A lot of my friends frequent it, and a lot of really funky people hang out there.

How often do you go?
Whenever I am in town, which regrettably is rarely.

Are the staff friendly or grumpy?
Often both at the same time!

How much is a pint there?

Do you prefer bars which are traditional or trendy?
I like bars where if I went on my own I would soon be talking to someone.

Is it somewhere for a quiet pint or is it a chat up joint?
It's somewhere where you can dance to the jukebox or listen to a band or meet a very high-vegetarian visual artist.

Have you been barred from a drinking establishment?
Once I bought a pint in a Dublin pub for someone who just turned 18. As it was over-21, I was asked to leave and not come back. That was 20 years ago.