By Blaine Schultz, Special to   Published Sep 29, 2010 at 8:16 AM

It is written the rockabilly shall inherit the Earth. With that in mind, note that on Friday Oct. 1, Dyna Flo and Her Roadmasters play a 10 p.m. record release show at Linneman's to celebrate their debut red vinyl 7".

Vocalist Dyna Flo recalls joining upright bassist Felipe Calavera and guitarist Chris "The Colonel" Dant in the roots/rockabilly venture. At an early gig the with drummer-less trio she asked saxophonist Don Turner his thoughts on adding another instrument. Naturally, he suggested sax and joined the band.

"We draw our influence from a variety of early R&B, rock and country music", Flo says. "Artists like Gene Vincent, Ruth Brown, and Elvis Presley tend to inspire some of our sound, only we give it our treatment to bring up the intensity and modernize the sound."

On vinyl the band charges out of the gate with the "Hot Model A," and floors it around the corners with The Colonel spraying gravel and Dyna wailing auto-centric vocals. "Nomad Commotion" turns the spotlight toward Turner's tenor as his nearly-Eastern melody gets pushed by Calavera's chopsticks upright bass.

"So Long Ago" welds Dyna's torch and the Colonel's twang and builds to a slow burn solo by Turner

"The Milwaukee music scene is thriving," Flo says. "We rely on that audience and their desire to hear something a little different than the usual rock band of drums, electric bass and guitar. I think people are surprised sometimes when they see the band set up, half expecting smooth jazz or something from our instrumentation.

She also gives a nod to the highly entertaining group of D.J.s that spin records in clubs and bars all over the city.

"Their reliance on vinyl, from vintage to newly released, is a trait respected by the band. Our hope is that with this 45 release, we might inspire someone to buy a record player to enjoy "Hot Model A." That way we can expose more people to the uniquely elegant sound that only vinyl can offer. "