By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 19, 2020 at 11:21 AM

Gov. Tony Evers' recent emergency order limiting capacity is back in effect as a Barron County judge today ruled in favor of Evers, reinstating the statewide order restricting indoor gatherings in bars, restaurants, stores and other venues to 25 percent capacity in order to contain the rising number of COVID cases and hospitalizations in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit, spearheaded by the Tavern League of Wisconsin, was brought forward last Tuesday, with a Sawyer County judge ruling the next day to temporarily block the emergency order. However, today's decision from Judge James Babler denied the Tavern League's request to turn last week's temporary block permanent, citing that there's no evidence or proof the bars on the lawsuit had been harmed by the emergency order's restrictions since neither the bars nor Sawyer County's health department have enforced it. 

In Milwaukee, the emergency order was already essentially knocked down with the City of Milwaukee Health Department announcing last week that the city would enforce its own previously established and ongoing local public health order, which it deemed more restrictive that Evers' new mandate and indoor capacity limits.

"Even though the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order permits a larger threshold of individuals in certain places than Emergency Order #3 allows, the additional restrictions listed under the local order do more to prevent COVID-19 transmission than Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #3," said the Health Department in a release. "After review of both orders, the City of Milwaukee Health Department has determined that the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order is more restrictive than Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #3, and that all businesses and individuals within the City of Milwaukee should continue to adhere to the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order."

Meanwhile, the state continued to set new records for COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths last week, as well as crossed 1,500 total COVID deaths, so please continue to wear your masks and keep your distance. 

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