By Sara Conrad Special to Published Oct 01, 2010 at 5:54 PM

This past Tuesday I ventured out of my Shorewood surroundings and bee-bopped it on over to the West Side and found myself at Maxie's Southern Comfort. I was summoned to Maxie's for a tweet-up. Yes. Another one. What? I don't have a problem. You can't become addicted to Twitter....can you? I digress.

As I exited my car outside of Maxie's, a bright, neon-glowing beacon in the night caught my ADD-plauged attention. That beacon was named "Fairview Tap" and although I was uber-excited to see my friends at our latest Twitteraholic's Annonymous meeting and test out all the fabulousness I've heard Maxie's had to offer ... I couldn't wait to venture over to this Fairview.

You see, some girls like diamonds & pearls. Some go ga-ga over a fancy handbag or have a shoegasm over a sick stiletto. Others can't wait to check out the new club that attracts all the reality television "celebrities".

Me? I like vintage baubles and beads. I go ga-ga over a good messenger bag and have an assortment of Converse Chuck Taylor's. The night life I can't live without? Finding that hole-in-the-wall, off the beaten path, corner tavern.

That's right. Not a "pub" ... a good ol' fashion tavern. The the kind that, when you walk inside and it's as though you fell into a wormhole that shot you out on the corner of Familiar St. and Good Times Blvd. The kind of place where everyone knows everyone else's name. They don't know yours because you're the new kid. But come back a second time and you're family.

That's my crack. Well ... that and twitter.

So the tweet-up was a grand ol' time, per usual. Maxie's Southern Comfort was ahhhhmazing. The drinks were yum, the food was yum and the decor was dreamy. I will be going back, and soon!

But as the night wore on, I was itching to check out this new tavern. Then finally, it was time. I ran ahead of my date to make sure Fairview Tap was still pourin'. They were. I could see silhouettes of (no doubt) regulars lined up at the bar through the haze of neon lights & scruffy windows. It's on!!! Hurry up, Date! We got us a tavern to check out!

Fairview Tap didn't disappoint. It was lovely. From the wooden paneled walls to the Miller High Life on tap, it was exactly as I had hoped. The bartender was pleasant and very attentive ... but not nosey. As soon as our drinks were dry, the were full again to the brim ... like magic! I wouldn't mind heading back to Fairview Tap for a Packers game or just to be. Because that is what you do at little corner taverns. You just are.

You can call these little places "pubs," if it suits your fancypants, but no matter what you call 'em, it's a synonym for great times. Fun and nostalgic. Simple and to the point. A diamond in the rough.


6712 W. Fairview Ave.
 (414) 771-2811


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