By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Apr 03, 2024 at 1:56 PM

Fiserv Forum was the place to be Tuesday night, as Fall Out Boy brought their "So Much For (2our) Dust" tour to Milwaukee to bless pop-punk fans from across the state. With a mix of old favorites and new hits from their 2023 LP, the sold-out atmosphere was electric, filled with anticipation for what was billed as a standout show – and delivered on that hype.

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn't have missed Fall Out Boy’s fiery sold-out performance at Fiserv Forum. 

1. Pete Wentz's flaming fretwork 

Pete WentzX

Pete Wentz's performance with a flamethrower guitar was not just a visual spectacle but a blazing symbol of the band's dynamic energy and creativity. Despite what they claim with their new cover of Billy Joel’s classic, Wentz certainly “started the fire” on Tuesday night with his incendiary display. 

2. A sold-out spectacle 

Fall Out BoyX

The electric atmosphere of the sold-out Fiserv Forum was palpable, with every seat filled and pop-punk fans eager to partake in the night's festivities. This sea of enthusiastic faces of all ages reflected the band's monumental influence and the unifying power of their music.

3. Homecoming 

Fall Out BoyX

The return of Menomonee Falls’ own Andrew John Hurley was not just a homecoming; it was a triumphant showcase of his percussive prowess on the drums. His intricate drumming and the deep connection he shared with the local crowd added layers of depth to the performance, making it clear that he was not just playing the drums but also the heartstrings of every attendee with Wisconsin roots. While shouting out his loyal drummer, Pete Wentz also gave love to Milwaukee, citing it as one of the first cities that the band would perform in during their come-up – which only makes sense as the rest of the group hails from Chicago’s northern suburbs. 

4. Magic 8 Ball 

Fall Out BoyX

The Magic 8 Ball segment of the show introduced an element of suspense and surprise, making each performance unique. This whimsical yet brilliant touch not only engaged the audience but also reinvigorated the setlist with a sense of spontaneity and excitement, as fans eagerly anticipated the revelation of a never-before-played live song. Special for their Milwaukee fans on Tuesday night, Fall Out Boy performed “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” from their 2005 sophomore album "From Under the Cork Tree." 

5. New tracks come alive 

Fall Out BoyX

The live renditions of tracks from "So Much (for) Stardust" added a new dimension to the band's sound, showcasing their evolution while staying true to their emo-punk roots. For Tuesday night’s performance, Patrick Stump and company performed new tracks like "Love from the Other Side" (which opened the show), "Hold Me Like a Grudge" and, of course, the title track from their latest LP.

6. A journey through the hits 

Fall Out BoyX

Tuesday's concert was a journey through time, with each hit song serving as a milestone in Fall Out Boy's illustrious career. From "Centuries" to "Sugar, We're Goin Down," each track was a reminder of the band's diverse discography and their ability to resonate with fans across different eras since they first emerged in the early 2000s. If you somehow forgot just how many hits Fall Out Boy has spoiled fans with throughout the years, last night’s performance would have been quite the eventful reminder. 

7. Jimmy Eat World set the stage 

Jimmy Eat WorldX

If Fall Out Boy wasn’t enough, the legendary Jimmy Eat World not only helped kick off the night but set a high bar with a 15-song journey through their catalog, culminating with their hit "The Middle." Their performance was an emotional ride that reminded everyone why they fell in love with rock music in the first place, perfectly paving the way for Fall Out Boy's explosive entrance.