By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 23, 2019 at 8:31 AM

Survey of 100 people, top answer on board: Name something that you should do tonight. Yes, there is only one answer – and it is "watch a Milwaukee family duke it out on a famous gameshow," as the Wade family will return to "Family Feud" tonight at 6 p.m. on CW 18 after claiming victory in their first appearance Tuesday night.

Milwaukee is no stranger to the famed family guessing game, hosted by Steve Harvey, with two clans – the Knigges and the Katschkes –  representing the Cream City in 2017. 

Playing once again tonight for the Wades are King Drive BIG executive director Deshea Agee, along with his mother Diane Wade and his siblings Dinah, Micaela and Arking Williams. According to Agee, the family was big fans before they auditioned for the game show. 

"We watch it on a regular basis, and we always try to guess (the answers) when we watched it," Agee said. "So this is like being able to do in real life what we had been doing on a regular basis as a family anyway."

The family eventually made their way through the audition process, meeting and competing against many other families on set along the way – one of the most exciting parts of the journey, according to Agee – before earning a spot on the official show, as well as a trip to California for filming, a special moment for the family.

"It was a great experience hanging with my mom and my siblings – the first time we've gotten a chance to actually go out-of-state together on any trip as my mom and her kids," Agee noted. "That was, in itself, one of the best experiences I could've imagined."

Obviously, Agee couldn't reveal any details about how the family performed in the spotlight, but he could say that being on the set and interacting with Steve Harvey was "amazing ... everything you see on TV is there and more" – plus, a little preview.

"There will be some classic moments, and I encourage everybody to watch," he teased.

The returning champs will take the stage again tonight at 6 p.m. on CW 18. And, as a bonus, yesterday was Deshea's sister's birthday, so they've had even more to celebrate this week than just a win and a mustachioed smile of approval from Steve Harvey. 

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