By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Jul 19, 2013 at 3:06 PM

The Travel Channel has a number of shows, where producers and camera crews cross over our great nation, sharing the regional differences that constitutes the fabric of America.

As much as I may wax poetic of what really is drive here, shoot that and mash edit it together, it is always great when the spotlight lands on Milwaukee.

This weekend, it will be the supporter base of the Milwaukee Brewers – the best tailgaters in the world – that will be the apple of the camera’s eye.

Adam Richman, best known for his "Man Vs. Food" production, brings a new concept and show to Miller Park. "Fandemonium" seeks out the culinary creations and cultural experiences of the craziest fans, according to the show’s website.

The production has taken Richman to the Daytona 500 and an event dubbed the "Redneck Yacht Club."

Now it brings him to Josh Cherry’s Brewers Bus Trip.

"Well, I have been running these bus trips for almost five years now.  I have done bus trips to concerts and Packers games as well, but the Brewers trips are the biggest," Cherry said.

Cherry works with the staff at Loaded Slate, which takes care of the food and drinks at the tailgate, and does three trips a year. He said he had just shy of 500 people at a trip last September.

"My friend who was in contact with the producer of this show, told me about the show," Cherry said. "So I put in an application for our bus trips to be featured on the show, and they got back to me and liked the concept of our bus trips."

It’s truly a party on the grounds as Cherry brings along a DJ, photographer and runs rounds of jumbo beer pong.

"We use volleyballs and five-gallon buckets instead of cups and ping pong balls," he said.

Richman will be in attendance to film the bus trip and the party before the Brewers face the Marlins on Saturday night.

Word is that the production team will be at other locations around Milwaukee on Saturday and Sunday, but I wasn’t able to confirm any plans before publishing this report.

If a production team takes the time to travel to a location, it isn’t unheard of to spend a day scouting areas and then shooting over multiple days. This can ensure enough footage for cut away shots and what’s called "b roll."

FILLING IN: Half of the "Dave and Carole" morning team on WKLH-FM will be taking a little time off next week. WISN-TV Ch. 12 anchor Craig McKee will be filling in for Carole Caine and sitting in with Dave Luczak on Monday morning.

PACKERS: The local Telemundo Television broadcast team is gearing up for its broadcast of three Green Bay Packers preseason games. Play-by-play announcer Andy Olivares wanted to share this promo the team at WDJT-TV Ch. 58 helped produce.

No worries, if you are slow with the Spanish like I am, there are subtitles.


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