By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 28, 2011 at 4:03 PM

Welcome to a weekly segment called "Social Circle." It's's first article that's truly a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors.

Every Monday, we will ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in the Thursday column. Well-known Milwaukee movers-and-shakers will contribute, too.

This week's Social Circle question, "What's your all-time favorite Milwaukee band?," received an overwhelming response. Milwaukeeans and former Milwaukeeans chimed in with their Brew City band picks from the Violent Femmes to The Lovelies to Big Bang Theory to Paul Cebar.

No doubt about it, this town has churned out some great musicians and really fun party bands. On that note, get out and see some, Milwaukee. It's summertime and there are plenty of opportunities.

Margaret Bacik: "Wild Kingdom."

Robin Barry: "Wild Kingdom."

Kory Beavers: "Violent Femmes, for sure!"

Sarah Berg: "The Ama-dots."

Jean Biba-Brown: "Big Bang Theory. What ever happened to them? They moved to L.A. and I never heard about them again. As for current bands, I must also vote for my friend's band, Boney Fingers."

Karen Block: "The Championship."

John Bowling: "The Shivvers. The Lovelies. Plasticland."

Pat Buechs: "The Skunks."

William Bunyon: "Wild Kingdom."

Will Branch: "I remember great local shows from the Chesterfields, Nicole and the Educators, the Cads. And Wild Kingdom, one of their first shows, in a living room on the East Side. The room was so small that you had to duck the trombone."

Mike Brenner: "Can I name drop a little? I went to high school with a TON of local, musical superstars! I had art classes with a couple of the folks in the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo; played in the freshman talent show in a band with Matt Sims from Citizen King; in high school and college, I used to party with Heidi Spencer; and one of my best Shorewood friends, Dan Zweban, is still playing music in New York. One of Dan's songs was used in Obama's campaign commercials. I'm hoping I'm cool by association?"

Michael Buehler: "The Pacers."

Desiree Casberg: "Definitely the Violent Femmes!"

Linda Corbin Pardee: "R&B Cadets."

Jill Engel: "Mosleys ... Mike Frederickson."

Dan Franke: "Mighty Deerlick, of course. And The Mosleys. And Wobble Test. And The Blow Pops. Props need to go to The Promise Ring and Maritime, too."

Kami Wendland Fusco: "Pat McCurdy."

Iliana Gilbert: "Karma 13! Oh wait, that's my band ... Um, The Probers."

Jennifer Goyette: "I have heard Femmes songs played in random public spaces as far away as Kenya, and as near as my new neighborhood coffee shop in Maine, and for that little feeling of nostalgia they give me for that time and sense of place I think of as home, I have to vote for them."

John C. Hausmann: "I vote for Violent Femmes!"

Christine Jerry: "U2 Zoo."

Wendy Kasmarick: "Tony's Tigers."

Jennifer Rollings Kresse: "Competitorr or Wild Kingdom. Alligator Gun, too."

Kyle Kummer: "Front of Truck. And the coolest married couple band: Wanda Chrome & the Leather Pharaohs."

Bill Markut: "Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans."

Liesl Miller: "Women's Liberace, but I have to recuse myself from that vote since I live with the drummer."

Matthew Morgan: "Jasmine Road Affair."

Lisa Tries Nelley: "Clamnation."

Joseph O'Brien: "Violent Femmes or Little Blue Crunchy Things."

Ted Perry: "The Yell Leaders."

Susan Catalano Petropoulos: " Violent Femmes and always loved The Love Monkeys."

Jason Pinkowski: "Miss Trixie."

David Reichert: "Johnny & the Losers."

Dave Reinhold: "Defunct: Blow Pops. Active: The Etiquette."

Rachel Riekkoff: "Misery Signals."

Carole Ross: "Femmes!"

Susie Seidelman: "Competitorr! That extra R? It's for ROCK ... I also wanna add a shout out to The Virgins. I was kinda obsessed with them in high school. Also, how can we possibly leave out The Lovelies? Another high school obsession."

Nathan Schaefer: "Couch Flambeau."

Bret Spangenberg: "The Cocksmiths."

Keith Stone: "Something To Do. Great ska band."

Jason Sullivan: "Beatallica!"


Nikolas Tries: "Alligator Gun."

Chris Tishler: "Die Kreuzen and The Crusties (tie). I can't say Johnny And The Losers because I was in that one, but ..."

Mitchell Wakefield: "Frankie Yankovic."

Voot Warnings: "Oil Tasters! And how could I forget The Ghostly Trio?"

Jordan Christopher Wall: "Bamm Bamm (Makoe Seawright on drums and Didier Leplae on guitar). One of the most unique sounding outfits in the world. Truly under-appreciated, or maybe that was the point?"