By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Aug 17, 2008 at 11:44 AM

I get the NFL Network, but I wish I didn't.

Saturday night.

Brett Favre.


The way he licks his fingers. The way he unsnaps his chinstrap between plays, finally snapping it as he steps in behind center.


Completing passes. Throwing for a touchdown.


Smiling that country boy smile. Running on and off the field with that peculiar little lope.


After cleaning up the mess I made on my living room couch, I watched Aaron Rodgers. They call him A-Rod.

Mike McCarthy is going to tell us everything is going to be fine. The reporters and announcers will all go along and say A-Rod just needs a little time.

But, I'll tell you what I saw.

Late in the first half. Third and four in their own territory. A-Rod scrambles to his right. A cornerback and linebacker head toward him. And A-Rod runs out of bounds, short of the first down mark by a yard.

There are only two possibilities. Either he's so stupid he didn't know where the first down marker was located. Or he's chicken. One of the two.

Oh, and one more thing. Even watching on television, I could tell where A-Rod was going to throw the ball. He looks at one receiver and then keeps looking until he throws it.

Maybe Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy will be proved right. But until the proof is in, I'm going to keep watching the NFL Network and Brett Favre.


Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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