By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Sep 27, 2013 at 3:17 PM

It has become a cable television mainstay. Reality TV storytelling accomplishes a few must-haves for achieving ratings … and when it comes down to business, that’s all that matters.

A show needs to entertain people enough to keep them watching so they stick around to watch the commercials. Animal Planet’s "Finding Bigfoot" did that well enough to be the cable outlet’s third best performing series on the channel.

The cast and crew have traveled to 33 different states in search of evidence to prove that Sasquatches exist. On Nov. 10, the show launches its fourth season, with 16 more episodes including a trip to China and Nepal to search for yeren and yeti.

I wrote about these types of shows before at the beginning of the year. I’m always amazed at the droves of people who watch … even though if true evidence was found, we’d end up watching the great reveal on a mainstream news source.

But the power of storytelling cannot be ignored. To believe these scientists that have researched enough to know that Bigfoot lives doughnuts, is down-right funny. I could see it in the show, and then at the first break Duncan Doughnuts is there touting its coffee. It would be the ultimate use of product placement.

Milwaukee-based Cousins subs, once used a Sasquatch as a pitchman.

On "Finding Bigfoot" the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James "Bobo" Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland discover new, compelling evidence.

"Working closely with foreign governments and local guides, the team puts its signature and unconventional Bigfoot strategies to the test in unfamiliar territories, hoping to uncover the mysteries of these bi-pedal, hair-covered beasts that have captivated these countries and the world for decades," a release from Animal Planet read.

"This season, the team also follows up on previous promising leads in Florida, Texas and Alabama, and utilizes an all-new technique of rigging riverboats with thermal cameras for a journey down the Mississippi River. Topping it off, the Bigfoot team splits up for a special episode and competes to find the most Sasquatch evidence and to determine once and for all which state is the squatchiest: Oregon or Washington."

Maybe I’m just jealous of all the traveling the show gets to do.

If you enjoy binging on the marathon showings of the show and wished there was more new stuff to consume, don’t fret. The newest adventures are only a couple of months away. In the meantime, I suggest getting off your couch and finding your own evidence in Milwaukee.

Maybe I can get all of you to send in your suggestions and we can make another Top 100 list right here on of the best places to search for Sasquatches in southeastern Wisconsin.

MILESTONES: If you are a daily reader of, then you know it’s been around for 15 years. You are also probably bored of hearing about it.

That’s why it is always good to tap into other audiences when discussing milestones. publisher Andy Tarnoff did that yesterday with an interview segment on WTMJ-TV Ch. 4.

You can see the clip here.

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