By Craig Koplien Special to Published Jun 06, 2011 at 10:57 PM

Remember when we were suffering through that seemingly endless stretch of chilly weather in April and May? Yeah, that's over.

A brief, yet blistering heat wave is underway.

Monday's high temperatures in the 90s will be repeated again both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The official high temperature in Milwaukee on Monday was 94 degrees. That broke an 86-year-old record for the top temperature ever recorded on June 6.

Expect the record book to again be rewritten Tuesday and Wednesday, with highs of 95 and 93 degrees, respectively.

While readings on area thermometers soar into the mid-90s, the heat index will be around 100. The heat index, sometimes referred to as "apparent temperature," is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored with the actual air temperature.

The average high for this time of the year is usually in the mid 70s. The highest June temperature on record in Milwaukee occurred June 1, 1934 when the mercury hit 104 degrees.

Temperatures tumble back to more reasonable level Thursday with highs in the 70s. It will be cooler still on Friday with highs in the 60s.

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Craig Koplien Special to

Craig is a meteorologist who was born and raised in Pewaukee. After getting a degree in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he worked over 20 years on TV and radio in Milwaukee, Madison, Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri.

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