By Lindsay Garric Special to Published Sep 03, 2011 at 10:38 AM

I have been swept up by "Front Row Amy" fever.

When I saw Andy Tarnoff's blog about the mystery "Brewers girl," I, like everyone else who landed on's home page, felt compelled to click.

I am fascinated with this super fan who, although she is married, commutes an hour and a half from Oshkosh to Miller Park for each and every Brewer's game - alone.

Yes. Front Row Amy is hot. Most definitely qualifying for Mega MILF status – even if she doesn't have kids. She is honorary in my book. This woman is 42 and flawlessly maintained.

She is a testament to physical maintenance via what she proclaims on her Twitter blurb, "I'm the most passionate Brewers fan you will ever meet. I love Miller Park. I love to dance. I work out a lot. Did I mention I love the Brewers?! :)"

Yes, she dances and works out. But, I think the real secret to Amy "looking damn good" is this Brewers stuff.

I wish I could tout that being a Brewers fan specifically is the secret to looking young, fit and gorgeous, but it is more than that.

Front Row Amy is passionate about something!

I believe Front Row Amy exemplifies more than superfandom. She's a true example of how to fully live your life. And she's getting "mad props" from me for it because her positive zealousness for what she loves is undeniably contagious.

Amy Williams demonstrates what living a happy, full life is all about. This woman has received attention for her dedication to her passion. Yes, her looks have contributed to the notoriety she is receiving and is probably why anyone noticed her sitting behind home plate at every game at all, but she deserves this attention and we all should learn something from her.

I admire her bravery and chutzpa to do what is usually a social, group outing as a singular sensation. It takes balls for an attractive woman to put herself front row center at a sporting event – solo, to keep score for fun and actually WATCH the game.

I'm completely inspired by Amy's motivation to commute three hours round trip several times a month to do what she loves.

Whether it's the Brewers, clowns or fishing, being enthusiastic about what you love makes you a happy, effervescent person and it has the potential to be fantastically epidemic.

Imagine the improvement the world would experience if everyone took time to truly dedicate themselves to something they are totally and completely into.

I vote for an army of Front Row Amys.

And if the Brewers garner a few more fans in the wake of folks going after what they love, so be it.

Thanks "Front Row Amy" for showing me what living a "front row life" is all about.

Lindsay Garric Special to

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