By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 01, 2009 at 1:39 AM

Considering his simple, everyman style of comedy, there's not much more to say about Jim Gaffigan than he is a funny, funny man.

His New Year's Eve show at The Pabst Theater -- part of Gaffigan's "Sexy Tour" -- was another example of why Gaffigan is so well-liked. His set, checking in at right around an hour, was tight, was lighthearted and it left your side sore from laughter.

Opening by making mention of his wife's Milwaukee roots, Gaffigan quickly slid into a bit about his amusement with bowling. The lazy-man's sport, he joked. He moved on to jokes about fatherhood, being lazy, his favorite food -- bacon -- and closing with a few jokes about Hot Pockets.

There was nothing earth-shattering about his performance and that's what makes him good. There are comics that want to be in-your-face, there are comics like Jerry Seinfeld, whose "random observations" are drowned out by his squealy delivery and, of course, there are comics that like to work blue, using the timeless fart jokes and dirty words method of drawing laughs.

That's not Gaffigan's style. He's a simple guy; one of us. He likes beer. He likes to loaf around. He doesn't proclaim to be the smartest guy on the street. And that makes him endearing. His style, easy, flowing and unforced makes it easier for the audience to laugh along with him and at themselves.

Jim Gaffigan was funny. And Wednesday night, he provided a perfect way to say goodbye to 2008 and ring in the start of 2009.