By Rolando Kahn   Published Nov 26, 2013 at 2:29 PM

It’s finally here! Lady Gaga’s newest album, "Artpop," has finally hit the shelves (both physically and digitally) and has been leaving them just as fast. The album has been a hot topic ever since it was announced almost a year and a half ago. Whether the press is good or not, everyone has been anxiously awaiting what Gaga has in store for them next. 

As a devoted Gaga fan since her first album, "The Fame," I have been practically falling out of my seat with impatience since the album was announced. Now that it’s here, I must say that I am not disappointed. Everything on the album is classic Gaga, as well as some new tricks and adjustments to her image as a singer / entertainer.

Each song on the album has its own unique touch, and whether you are a fan of Gaga’s intense dance beats or in love with her emotionally charged ballads, "Artpop" has something for every type of Lady Gaga fan.

"Aura" – The song opens with some eerie guitar tunes with Gaga singing about a murder. The song then takes a turn towards weird(er) but oddly satisfying after this. It is clear that Gaga has not lost her taste for strange and unique lyrics over sick synthesizers and bass. The song’s main theme talks about wanting to know the real person behind someone’s facade (aura). Pleasure, toil, sexual pleasure are all part of what makes this song provocative and fun to dance to. It is a great intro to the album because it reminds the listener what Gaga is all about and that she is still intrigued by sex and pleasure.

"Venus" – One of the singles off the album, Venus begins with a strong, pulsing intro. The beat is heart-stopping and energetic. Gaga's references to the planets through out the song makes it even more interesting (Uranus). "Take me to your planet ... Take me to your Vanus." The haunting background vocals chant "To the planet," and create an alien-esque vibe. One truly feels like they are traveling through the solar system and seeing some unreal martians along the way. "When you touch me I die just a little inside. I wonder if this could be love." Again, the song is sexually charged and speaks of someone’s intense sexual appeal. This song is yet another representation of Gaga’s fascination with love and sex.

"G.U.Y." – Getting sick of Gaga’s sexual references yet? I’m not. G.U.Y. is awesome because it takes the idea of a man being in control and turns it on its head, making the woman the "guy." "I’m gonna say the word and own you. You’ll be my G-I-R-L," is just one of the lyrics that show the woman is dominant in this particular sexual encounter. The song is part female empowerment and part sexual experience. Everything about this song makes the listener want to take control and be hot and desirable.

"Sexxx Dreams" – The song is a little more unique than the other songs on the album, but is still classic Gaga in that it speaks of a secret, hidden longing for sexual contact with an unknown partner. Lyrics like "When I lay in bed I touch myself and think of you," make the listener smirk and think of times when they have had thoughts like this. It speaks to the secret dirty person in all of us, longing for that one person we secretly want. This is emphasized when Gaga actually speaks briefly, stating, "I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’ve had a couple drinks and – Oh my god!" This song delivers a fantasy that everyone is thinking but does not talk about.

"Manicure" – Yes! A rock jam from Gaga. Great guitar, great vocals, fun beat with a simple message: Be sexy and confident. Again, there’s a sexual element when Gaga says, "Touch me in the dark, puts your hands all over my body parts." Manicure delivers a fun, energetic feeling that is great to listen to before a night out, a workout or simply just on your way out the door. It puts the listener in a good mood and wanting to move around.

"Do What You Want (Featuring R. Kelly)" – The beginning is enough to get the listener feeling sexual. The beat and the synth move flawlessly together and mesh extremely well with both Gaga’s and R. Kelly’s voices. "You can’t have my heart, and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body," gives away that this is an encounter that does not need to be taken seriously. R. Kelly’s solo is great, especially when he hits the last note before the chorus comes back. "Do What You Want" is definitely destined to be one of the bigger hits off this album.

"Artpop" – Strange. That is the first impression of this song. It doesn’t sound like any other song Gaga has made before. It’s laid back, almost like it should be played in a smoke lounge, or on a long car ride. It makes the listener bob their head and smile at the chorus. "We could, we could, belong together (Artpop)," go the lyrics. It speaks of letting the unknown partner be themselves and simply love it. The title of the song is appropriate because of the message to be yourself and be your own artful, true self. "My Artpop could mean anything."

"Swine" – Hands down the most energetic song on the album. It’s dirty, sick, powerful and hot. The beat breaks into the listener like a roller coaster. Gaga’s voice grinds against the beat and synth in an almost shrieking manner, but it works. The listener is compelled to swing with the beat and be "disgusting" like the song suggests. "You’re just a pig inside a human body. Squeal loud, squeal loud, squeal loud, you’re so disgusting!" The bass drop is awesome with Gaga’s scream added as the music pitches. Fans of Gaga will no doubt be happy with another great song to dance and have fun to.

"Donatella" – The intro is absolutely hilarious. Gaga seems to be making fun of not only herself, but also the fashion industry, while at the same time complimenting fashion designers’ successes and their relevance in pop culture. "I wanna dress you up in silk." "What’s your size?" are all part of what makes this song fun for all the fans. Her love of fashion shines clearly through, as well as her commentary on the fashion industry with lyrics such as "Walk down the runway but don’t puke. It’s okay. You just had a salad today" and "Just ask your gay friends their advice." The spinning tunes through out the song remind listeners of a runway fashion show with lasers and flashing lights everywhere. Depending on whether or not the song becomes a single, it is sure to impress all fans.

"Fashion!" – The song gives the listener an inside look as to how Gaga might feel when she is in her outfits. "Step into the room like it’s a catwalk,"  She clearly feels beautiful and like she is the center of attention when she has on her "costumes." "Lookin’ good and feelin’ fine," she says. It’s a rather simple song but has a consistent, upbeat personality to it. Audiences will enjoy this song if they are particularly inclined to some of Gaga’s less known songs or perhaps some of her songs that are slower and less dance-oriented.

"Mary Jane Holland" – Gaga seems to want the listener to know that it shouldn’t be important to follow the main stream pop culture in this song. The beat is slow but easy to sway to, and the lyrics are difficult to understand. However, the song is fun and is easy to listen to if one is multitasking. It’s easy to get lost in the beat and all the other sounds in the song and not even pay attention to the lyrics, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

"Dope" – Slow, a little awkward, but altogether a good song. It is important to remember that this song is much better when one is in the mood for it. Listening to the rest of the album and then encountering this song, the listener is a little off-put by the dramatic change in pace, but is pulled in by Gaga’s sensitive lyrics. She compares her need for her lover to her need for dope, stating, "I need you more than dope." Again, if one isn’t in the mood for one of Gaga’s ballads, this song will not be a turn-on. Like "Speechless" before it, "Dope" will be a hit despite it’s alternative sound in comparison to the rest of "Artpop."

"Gypsy" – Inspirational is a word that could be used to describe this song. It expresses a little bit of fear, but at the same time talking about how it takes a lot of bravery to do what you want to do and live life the way you want. The beat breaks in and takes the listener away from their own life for a second, making them reminisce on what they want and things they wish to do. "Like Dorothy on the yellow brick, hope my ruby shoes get us there quick," Gaga sings. It’s all about the journey and going after what you want in this song, and it is not hard to understand this message. A great song for anyone feeling down on themselves or worried about what’s to come. Gypsy brings confidence, love of life and affirmation that everything will work out in the end.

"Applause" – The final song on the album, Applause clearly displays Gaga’s love of the entertainment industry and her fans. "I live for the the applause ... I live for the way that you cheer and scream for me," This song seems like it was created out of appreciation for her popularity, and perhaps a little bit of cockiness (in the good way). It’s definitely not the best song on the album once the rest of the songs have been revealed, but it's energetic beat and easy lyrics make it a main stream hit. 

In the end, "Artpop" did not disappoint. It has great dance songs and sexually-charged lyrics, as well as a couple slower, emotional songs to accompany the fierce beats. Lady Gaga has done it again, producing an album that will please her fans, as well as create plenty of new ones along the way.